WIndows Logo VS Ubuntu Logo

Most probably you have read this 10 points from another blog.
Yes, these points are referred from other Ubuntu supporter’s blogs.

Lots of people may have a misconception that Linux is hard to use, but is that true?
I don’t think so. Those who willing to try Ubuntu Linux (Used to be extreme Windows supporter) also think Ubuntu Linux is easy to use.

The only weak point for Ubuntu Linux is that there is a lot of games not able to run on Linux, Windows have more games. Other than that, Ubuntu do the job very well.
But some games/software which it is Windows based are able to run in Ubuntu Linux using Wine Emulator (Windows Emulator).

Here is the 10 points that I copied from

1. No Viruses – Thats true! as Linux does not recognize Win32 Executables so the possibility of having a virus on-board is absolutely 0%
2. Open Source – Unlike Windows, Linux distributions are open source and the source code can be edited and modified to the most to suit your needs.
3. Better Learning – While Windows just teaches you how to install and run a program, Linux helps you do that using a Terminal. So if you fall in a situation where you don