fuck you

This is the part 2 of “Fuck You!” article.
I fuck off people not enough yet. In fact, there is still a lot more things I wanted to fuck people off!

Now, I want to fuck off these sohai who refuse to accept something new to them and refuse for accept something that they think it is not a trend for them. And also, when they see boycotting something is a trend, they just follow without really experiencing those things them self.

First, I wanted to talk about operating systems for your PC.
If you read my blog long enough, you will see that I did write a lot things about Linux. Not just about Ubuntu Linux itself only, also about other distributions of Linux as well as various of BSD unix systems.

You there, the one who reading this now. You are using Windows to read this article now right? You are actually using something that carrying virus to reading this. For those who are using opensource operating systems, bravo to you.

Linux has been available for download for use since 1998, or earlier. At least, when I started to know and learn about Linux, it was 1998, during Red Hat Linux 6.2.
A lot of people, especially Malaysian and Singaporean, they think Linux is just something very new and just appeared recently. If thats the case, fuck you!

Linux is evolved from the old Unix, something which is long exist before Windows 1.0. So if you want to talk about the operating system history, it is even much older than Windows.

Originally, Unix/Linux was more used on servers. And started around year 2000, it started to also focus on desktop. And now, Ubuntu which it is founded by Canonical, had succeeded this purpose nowadays.

A lot of morons think that all servers in the world is running on Windows Server. And again, fuck you lar idiot! My server here which is running this website is running on Debian Linux. If you say only my website is running on Linux, and others is not, then fuck you again. No need to say much, I just show you some examples. Google is running on Linux, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Blogspot, they are all running on Linux and BSD Unix.

If you thinking that I am talking something baseless without evidence, then here is the evidence.

Guess what? Even the ADSL modem/router you are using now is running on Linux, and there is no modem/router is running on Windows at all. Funny to say this, but in Microsoft headquarters them self, the network products that they are using, it is also running Linux/Unix also. lol

Now, back to talk about your desktop.
A lot people keep on saying that Linux desktop is sucks.
Then tell me, how exactly that Linux is sucks?
It can’t run the Windows games and programs that you want? Windows too can’t run Linux’s games and programs. But fortunately, due to too much people over fancy for Windows, this is why a lot of software developers compiles a Windows versions for these Windows users. And most of these software is opensource.

Undeniable, Windows is good for entertainment like playing games and watch movies.
But hey, I can also watch DVDs in my Linux desktop, and it loads damn nice some more.
95% of the people who are actually saying Linux is sucks, is actually those people who never used Linux before, and in fact, most of them didn’t even see Linux before. What they comment about Linux is actually just from words of those people who over fancy for Windows. And then they just take it as real and retransmit the stupid fake message.

Therefore, I hope that all these morons will change their fucking mindset, use it and test it them self before talk and give any comments.

These morons always think that something which is free is not good, and something that is expensive only good. For that, I say, fuck you!
Linux is free in terms of price, and the source code is available to be download by everyone for free.
But who made those codes? Everyone did. The developers contributed codes is selected carefully and chosen the best to be compiled into the actual release version. Therefore, you do not even need to worry about the possibilities of any malicious codes is embedded in it. On the other hand, for Windows, no one besides the Microsoft developers them self actually see any part of the codes before. This is why whenever a security hole was found, no one except Microsoft them self is able to fix the security issue.

So in other words, free and opensource software is free in terms of cash. But it was paid in form of effort and contribution from the developers who contributed their part of codes. Also, opensource softwares and operating systems is formed by comments and bugs reports from all users who submitted their reports or complaints to make them works better in the next version. So Linux is only free of charge in terms of cash, and it was paid by everyone in the form of effort and supporting spirit.

I am not trying to condemn Microsoft or anyone who do not know anything about Linux in this article. But just telling you all to change the mindset to accept something new to you if it is something good. Change your mindset to test something before you even comment about it. And stop become the fucking slave of the trend!

And there is something I very pissed off with those people to upgrade ther PC’s operating system from XP to Vista or Windows 7 without even care about the compatibility issues and any advantage. These sohai all just want to have something new and trendy in their PC.
Now I wanted to ask you, what is the benefit of changing your XP to Vista, Windows 7 beside they are something new? Security issues? You are just using a desktop where got nothing confidential inside, who care to hack you PC?

Upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 is acceptable due to Windows 7 is actually enhanced and bug fix version of Vista with a but GUI enhancement. It is acceptable for upgrading from Vista to Windows 7 due to Vista has too much bugs and memory leak problems. But the matter of facts, those who wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 is just wanted to have something new, and these morons do not even know that there is memory leak issue with Vista!

If your current operating system able to do all the things you need, then just stick to it lar, why upgrade to newer version where you are not using a server? Server need to be upgraded is because of people wanted to make sure the security issue was fix and secure the server from getting hack and losing classified information. For your desktop, who cares even if you have your naked picture inside? No one will even know you are that stupid to put your naked picture in your PC lar! You are not Edison Chen or Gillian Chung lar!

edison scandal

If you concern so much about your PC’s security, then use Linux lar. Using a server grade operating system will ensure your PC is having equivalent security like server.
Desktop version of Windows will not be as secure as the Windows for servers, this is how Microsoft make money form those people who fancy about Windows servers, although Windows servers is still not as secure as Linux/Unix servers.

Ok, it seems like this part 2 of the “Fuck You” is too long, so I will continue at my next article “Fuck You! Part 2B – Fuck You Lar! Idiots!” Which is actually directly continue from this part 2 of the “Fuck You!”