Before you read further, just want to let you know that this article is not about I hope Arsenal can get more goal in this year. Nothing about soccer club, ok?

Anyway, this article is about my plans for this year and goals I wanted to achieve. Not how many goal I want to score in soccer.

Based on the achievement last year, I had made a plan for what I hope to accomplish this year.

  1. Expend my new company to another level, increase the profit.
  2. Add more servers in Malaysia data centers, increase local sales.
  3. Maintain oversea businesses (all 3 of my companies), and try to double up the revenue compare to last year.
  4. Contribute more effort in Opensource, write more articles about Opensource. Also, plan to become an IT magazine columnist where my articles can help those who wanted to learn more about Opensource. Especially on Ubuntu & WordPress.
  5. Sponsor more web hosting for bloggers who wanted to have a self hosted blog via my “Chicken Run Project
  6. Maybe starting an Internet Radio(shoutcast) and get some people including myself to broadcast.
  7. Get a HSBB(Fiber Optic) Internet connection during June and hook it up to my current home network(mini data center at my home).
  8. Buy one more new car. But don’t know what car to buy yet.
  9. Declare war to some ass hole bloggers who do nothing but harm to people.
  10. Kick some ass of those ass holes that tried to mess with me when I am in bad moment at last year. Yeah, revenge. It is some personal & business vendetta between me and some pukimak, so you don’t need to know much about this.
  11. Point some of the domain names to blogspot where people can directly use its sub domain name as their blog URL. Details will be release in a few more days.

So far these is the only thing I can think of now.
It will be more plans and goal for me to achieve. Like what James Bond said “The World Is Not Enough”.

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