Dammit! I missed the Ubuntu Release Party!
I had prepared for it since last month. And I missed it with some stupid reason!
When I arrive there, the party is already over!

My effort on all these Open Source things and effort on my work is just all gone just like that due to damn stupid reason!

This Ubuntu Release Party is the 1st ever gathering which is held after Ubuntu Malaysia officially recognize as official Ubuntu LoCO (Local Community). And guess what? It breaks the highest attendance records if compare to the existing records of around 45 people.

And yes! Ubuntu Malaysia has break the world Ubuntu Release Party Record! With result at almost x3 of the existing record! almost 150 people turned up! And dammit! I misses it!

Mah chao cibai!
I am damn pissed off with the reason I missed this event!
I worked so hard for it, and hope to be part of this big event that I’ve working on for.
Mah chao hai!
Wasted! And it will makes me regret for the rest of my life!

I have missed the most grand event that I had involved in!
Fuck it!!!!

I even missed the photo session, the cut cake ceremony, I din get the muffin flag of Ubuntu Malaysia.
When I am able to arrive there, it is already 10pm. And my friends are all cleaning up the event hall already.
At first, I though I am able to make it at least to the photo session.
But I was too late! Just for some stupid reason!

I was so damn angry that I smashed my Nokia 7373. Yes, the limited edition ones!

So to those people who have involve in non-profit organization activities, make sure you learn to be selfish a bit, and stay firm with the goal you want to archive. Coz if you not firm with what you want to archive, you will get pull back by someone who is more selfish than you!