Tomorrow is another festival of one of our race.
Yes, its Deepavali of your Indian comrades. And it is another public holiday!!!

To be honest, the Indian community the one of the race where they still have very strong spirit of their race’s festival and they really celebrating it with the attitude that they suppose to have.

Unlike other race, for example, Chinese.
Now Chinese are celebrating Chinese New Year with a different attitude from what they should have. Why? Although most of them still following the customs, but they are more prefer to buy expensive clothes which are not practical to wear during normal days just to show off.
On the mouth, although they didn’t scold people “You go and die lar!” But in the heart, they still scolding people like this during CNY, so whats the point of not voice it out lar?

For Malays, I don’t want to talk much. Just refer from the Hari Raya article I have written. I don’t want to offend ppl and get into ISA…

The main point of what I wanted to say here, is the spirit of unity and forgiveness that we should practicing during festive seasons. As you know, we are a multi racial country, unity is very important to make sure our country can move forward.

And also, Respect to other people!
By respecting other people and their religion and believe, it can bring harmony as well!!! Don’t be too greedy on power and forget about other people!!!

Those people that I’ve mention is those people who raise up their sword during AGM and those who keep on wanting support in EGM but never care about those ppl who support them in EGM!!!

Sorry for mention about sensitive issues….

Anyway, like other festive seasons, Malaysian are celebrating it with all race with the same and common way, EAT.

So make sure you don’t waste your chance to eat Muruku etc…

As we all know, lots of people treats Indian badly. Since this is Indian’s festival, we should be respect them. Don’t forget that Indian is part of our 3 main races in the country!

For those people that usually treat Indian badly, try to think and see. If there is no Deepavali, you think you will have 1 more extra holiday ar?
Don’t forget, most of the palm oil estates worker is Indian, and palm oil is 1 of the reason why we able to have the money to buy jet fighters. The PLUS highway and MRR 2 is also planned and built by an Indian!
Although MRR 2 got cracked a few times b4… (It’s not really Sam’s fault anyway, it is the contractor’s fault…)

For me, Indians in Malaysia is the most humble race in our country. Although people treat them badly, but they still can be patient. People step on a cow head, they never even fight back with force, instead, they use a more civilized method to fight back. You try to hang a pig head and see, see what will happen to you? You try to say “Cina Babi” and see? See how much you get sue?

This article is not intended to provoke anyone actually. I know that there is some good people who are very patient and civilized. I hope those who behave brutal to learn from these people who are from same race as them. Be humble, be patient.

I can tell you that I am a Chinese. And those real friends I have, most of them are Malays. They have a kind and patient heart, so I hope that the rest who behave brutal to learn from them. Of course, I do have Chinese friends as well, but only very few of them are actually my real friends. The reason is very obvious, they be my friends just because they want something back —> MLM…. duhhhh….

Of course, since I do not discriminate, this means I have Indian friends as well. A lot of people said Indians have not much knowledge, but is that true? I don’t agree, coz they can program better codes than me!!! So don’t just because you see a lot of them are from the poor family, you grade all of them the same!!! Shame on you coz you not only din help them in their study, but you go and insult and discriminate them!

At last, I just wanted to say, no race are superior. The effort and kindness is the thing that make the person superb. Everyone is equal, the difference is just only how much a person willing to work hard and learn. This is what Tun Dr. Mahathir wish for, you are respected by people not because of your race, but the effort you make to advance yourself and the contribution you made for the people is the thing that makes people respect you!

If you feel that this article is too offensive, please post a comment and tell me, I am willing to take this article down if anyone feel offended.