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WTF!? Not Syok Ar? Bite Me Lar!

This is not a diary! And for those who think blog is a diary, why you write your diary and put it on the web? So stupid!

Birdwatching At KKB

For those who are familiar Bukit Kutu , or even a picnic at Sungai Chilling , must have been aware of the existence of Kuala Kubu Bharu rest house located at Jalan Padang Kubu Bharu Golf.

 photo DSC07979_zps96f10e70.jpg

It’s famous with the myth about a white crocodile breaking the dam and leading to a British officer being killed to the incident. How true about the white alligator nobody could confirm it. However , the incident has resulted in massive flooding that has killed many people and destruction of properties, with just an old mosque and a Buddhist temple that survived the flood .
 photo DSC07962_zpsf2a39df5.jpg

Not long ago, Sahabat Media was given an opportunity to visit Kubu Bharu for ‘ Bird Watching ‘ activity .

 photo DSC08007_zpsf3368e5b.jpg

Bird Watching is generally bird-watching and arrival here we were divided into groups coupled with an escort or a bird expert .
 photo DSC07792_zpsfeba9968.jpg

Each group is provided with binoculars and a book ‘ Birds of Malaysia ” for the activity. We traveled to several locations said to be a favorite place of birds. During this activity we were asked to be more sensitive because the birds often hide behind trees and foliage . It is said there are hundreds of species of birds here and we were able to identify a number of species .

Among them are’Asia Glossy Starling ‘,’ Black Naped Oriole ‘,’ Magpie Robin ‘,’ Antwren ‘,’ Straw Headed Bulbul ‘,’ Black Headed Bulbul ‘,’ Fantail ‘,’ Bee- eater ‘,’ Paddyfield Pipit ‘ , ‘ Flower Pecker ‘ , and also some eagle . We are amazed and fascinated by the beauty of the Millennium Park location for visitors to see the birds , the atmosphere was so different and comfortable.

 photo DSC08010_zps6e566d91.jpg

Although the weather was rather unfavourable, it did not dampen our enthusiasm for finding birds in the surrounding area . According to Mrs. Almaz Mokhtar , Town and Country Planning Officer , the birds here will have difficulties to fly if the weather is bad, and they will mostly only perch and nest in tree holes . However we are lucky to be able to see several species of birds fly in groups and heard the birds chirping but unfortunately we could not see the bird .

The experience in finding and identifying birds at Kuala Kubu Bharu was very fun and made ​​us excited to come back in the future to see the annual ‘ Bird Race ‘. ‘ Bird Race’ is a competition to identify the most bird species . The event is first in the state. Keep a lookout about in in the blog soon. :D

Mrs. Al – Rabiah The radio Hj Mohd Khir
No 1-6 , Extreme Sports Centre , Kalumpang
44100 Kerling , Hulu Selangor , Selangor
Tel : 03-55109145 / 03-55111204
Hours of Operation :
5 p.m – 11 p.m

Feast on Norwegian Salmon Dishes at Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel PJ

Went to Utara Coffee House with my wife and son quite some time ago to sample their latest addition to the menu: Norwegian Salmon.

We get to try 7 dishes : Salmon Caesar Salad, Pacific Rim Salmon Soup with Shittake Mushrooms and Herbs, Salmon Tikka, Salmon Tostadas, Salmon and Potatoes Au Gratin, Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon and Salmon Roulade& Oyster Gratin.


Salmon Caesar Salad (RM26) was not only appetizing, but crisps and fresh too. Thumbs up for the Caesar salad. Highly recommended.


Pacific Rim Salmon Soup with Shittake Mushrooms and Herbs (RM25). Voted everyone’s favourite that night.


Salmon Tikka- fragrant rice, acar and cucumber (RM26). The rice, though fragrant was a tad bland and has a very strong herbal taste but the taste was pretty much balanced when paired with the flavourful Salmon tikka and refreshing cucumber slices.



Salmon Tostadas- served with tortillas, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa (RM26). Lovely dish, especially when dipped in the tomato salsa.


Salmon and Potatoes Au Gratin (RM28). The Salmon was fresh and naturally sweet and complement the potatoes au gratin pretty well.


Foil Baked Norwegian Salmon served with a bed of zucchini, capsicum and champignon mushrooms (RM28). My favourite that night.The salmon was not only fresh and naturally sweet, but was juicy and bursting with flavour.A must try.



Last but not least, Salmon Roulade& Oyster Gratin (RM30). A slab of poach salmon served with oyster gratin. My wife loves the oyster gratin but the poach salmon doesn’t seems to sit well with her. But then again, to be fair, she’s never a fan of fish. The dish was okay to me.

Overall, the salmon fare offered by Armada Hotel is delicious with only a fraction of the price.

For booking and reservation:

Armada Petaling Jaya
Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Tel : (603) 7954 6888
Fax : (603) 7956 8088
Email: [email protected]


Armada Petaling Jaya Joins In The Global Celebration of Earth Hour 2014

The Armada Petaling Jaya joined the worldwide effort in encouraging all their guests and staff to take part in the Earth Hour 2014 effort, which took place on Saturday, 29 March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

 photo DSC_6800_zpsfe4002ad.jpg

To mark the occasion of “Earth Hour,” lights were turned off on the exterior of the hotel building, all restaurants and some public areas were also included from 8.30pm – 9.30pm.

 photo DSC_6903_zps6368ad3d.jpg

All hotel guests were encouraged to join the lights-out initiative by turning off the lights in their rooms for one hour and were subsequently invited to gather for specially created “Earth Hour mocktails” and Earth themed light food at the Lobby from 8.15pm onwards.

 photo DSC_6812_zpsa6431863.jpg

Lighting up the candles.

 photo GuestsampHotelStaff1_zps91f3fe73.jpg

Present were hotel guests, all the Heads of Departments and hotel staff. After a short welcome introduction by the hotel’s management, guests and members of the hotel staff started to light candles around the lobby, reception and restaurants. After which, everybody joined in the countdown to switch off the lights. As a tribute to all the passengers and crew of flight MH370, a minute of silence was observed by all.

Gina Chan, Director of Sales, said all the departments of the hotel played an active role on Saturday night: “Earth Hour is about creating awareness amongst people about the energy they are using and efficient ways they might wish to consider to conserve it. All of us should be involved in this small but very significant effort”, she said.

A lucky draw was later held whereby three lucky winners came out triumphant and to enhance the occasion, the elegant Clair Rozells entertained with a mini acoustic performance which included songs like Heal the World by Michael Jackson, Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, You’ve Got A Friend by Carole King and many more to the delight of everyone who joined in the festivities.

Malaysia Grand Prix Sale: Trekselebrity


The Visit Malaysia Year celebration began with a pretty lively and at the same time offering the tourists experience the diversity of cultures in Malaysia .
In conjunction with the 1 Malaysia Grand Prix Sale ( 1MGPS ) , a launching ceremony was held at the Shopping Complex , Sunway Pyramid . The launch is filled with endless entertainment with the participation of over 20 local artists will enliven the stage Shopping Complex, Sunway Pyramid. Among the celebrities who will be present are Kaka , Aris Ariwatan , Zaiton Sameon , Nico , VIP Group, Adam AF , Iqwal Hafiz, KOOL , A to Z , Amariz , Altimet , Modjo , Aweera and so on .

eWana FM Radio also featured featured artists and radio DJs to enliven the event 1MGPS Trekselebriti . Among the artists whowas involved are Anne Farina AF8 , Shajiry Damery , Aesar Mustafa , Mega Boys, Faith Ikthiman AF10 , Syasya Solero , and more. Fm Radio Deejay Ewana also present the respective segments as Man King Boys & Elly Raja Lawak , Arshad Shah , Lia Omey , Azz , Nizal Mohamad , Tommy , Princess and Kozz Sazuka .

A fashion show was a collection of well-known local designer – DB Eurasian Kose Kose Design & Collection also 1MGPS Trekselebriti filling stage of the day.
Malaysia is a shopping haven in Asia . By offering a wide range of variation in the centers of world-class shopping , night markets , vintage shops and more surely give tourists value worth every penny spent . Malaysia was ranked 4th among the 12 Best Shopping Cities in the World by CNN.

Kuala Lumpur now stands tall with Paris , Hong Kong , Dubai and Milan in providing a shopping experience that is quite unique ! Kuala Lumpur offers the best price , quality, quality , and service a wide range of world-class brands .

For the F1 fans , the campaign Petronas Formula 1 Grand Prix start at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur , Queensbay Mall Penang, Johor Bahru and Sunway Pyramid. The main attraction of F1 Simulator Challenge is open to all ticket holders F1 . 10 drivers with the fastest time in each location will be competing in the final round at Sepang International Circuit on March 29 and a NISMO Nissan ALMERA worth RM92 , 000 await winners ! Do not miss the opportunity to get the greatest discount offer during the carnival 1MGPS 2014.