My 2010 Report Card.

5. Sponsor more web hosting for bloggers who wanted to have a self hosted blog via my “Chicken Run Project”
I would rate this goal as failed.
It is not that I did nothing, or refuse to create accounts for those who need the hosting. It is because no one even interested in using a self hosted WordPress. People still prefer to use the non-freedom Blogspot rather than having the total power to control how their own blog should run, regardless the fact where Blogspot have more errors nowadays compare to last time.

I just don’t understand why people prefer to stick to a non-freedom and increased bugs blogging platform rather than having their own freedom to totally control their own blog. My “Chicken Run Project” is not only for WordPress anyway, if they want to host a TypePad blog or even a Joomla CMS, it is up to them. I just don’t understand why.
Perhaps, it is the same reason why people prefer to stick to the virus magnet operating system(Windows) rather than use a safe operating system like Linux…

6. Maybe starting an Internet Radio(shoutcast) and get some people including myself to broadcast.
Ok… Failed…
I broadcast, but no one listen, so no point I am going to continue also.
I rather spend my time for my companies than doing something that no one care at all, right?
But anyway, I will still try to get someone to be a DJ and broadcast, just in case someone is interested to broadcast on the Internet. In fact, I’ve found one person who might be interested. So, lets see hows it going on next year.

7. Get a HSBB(Fiber Optic) Internet connection during June and hook it up to my current home network(mini data center at my home).
I was cheated by the TM website!!!
Unifi(HSBB) is not even available in my place yet!!!
I can see they had already completed drag the fiber cables. The cables had even reached my place’s MDF room, but they did not complete set it up yet due to my place is not scheduled to be activated this year! WTF!!??
Never mind, I shall wait until next year and see…

8. Buy one more new car. But don

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