Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn James is one of the novel in the Ladies of Summerhill Novel. This is the second time I read and review a book by this author: Cara Lynn James.

I could see a pattern here in the ladies of The Summerhill novel series. It seems that though most of the ladies in the series are not related to one another, they resembles one another in many ways. One of it is that they all live in a time where women are expected to stay home and bear children and yet the awareness towards liberation, anti-oppression and independence started to brew among the educated ladies during that time.

When I picked up this book, i was transported into another time where everything is different from the time I’m living in. The author’s description on the settings are so vivid that it is hard to forget, and I could imagine the socio-politics during that era through her writings.

Excellent book by Ms. James I must say. This book have an intriguing storyline, and therefore, I will not reveal any of the plot over here except that the characters in this story, Charlotte is indeed admirable, and as she rediscovered the real meaning of God’s love and promise, she too learned that nothing is what it seems to be on the surface.

Good read, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. I received this Advance Reader Copy free from Thomas Nelson Publisher, and I did not received any monetary benefit for writing this.