Buying KFC “Bargain Bucket” Without Getting Belasah

I’m sure everyone of you had watched the video uploaded to Youtube regarding the i-City KFC staff verbally and physically attacked customers. [tube]1R9w6f8C2H4[/tube] Although it is just merely a fight between the customers and the staffs of KFC i-City, but Read More

“Like” Spam!

I believe almost everyone of you are annoyed with these kind of spam which ask you to click the “Like” in Facebook. Nowadays, more and more people like nonsense things. Besides chasing for new model of technology gadgets which they Read More

1.8 Million!? Are You Fucking Kidding Me!?

I lazy to write lar. If I write, I will write until a lot things, and then will be end up having a government sponsored vacation at Kamunting. So you just watch this video lar.

Comment System In My Blog

Several friends of mine, notably some blogger friend of mine, were complaining that they are unable to post their comment in my blog. When I asked them into detail, they told me that when they trying to post comment, this Read More

Do You Have FaceBoobs?

Yeah, you should get someone to poke you from behind or in front from Facebook. Lol If what Saiful said in the court is real, then it means he really get poked from behind. Hahahaha. By the way, I’m sure Read More