Green Computing
This could be something you hardly heard of. But the truth is, you might be already using some technology stuffs that are compliance with Green Computing.
Remember those old time CRT monitors? Old x86 computers? Some of them might show the “Energy Star” logo when it booted up. Even some of the new computers still showing this logo as well.
Energy Star

Anyway, since nowadays most people also using LCD or LED screens, those are considered as energy efficient products already.
But the effort for “Green Computing” doesn’t just stop at using electrical devices that consume less energy, there are also a lot other ways to greatly improve the efficiency of power conservation.

For example, the “Cloud Computing” method, Virtualization” or “Containerization” technologies are also greatly contribute to “Green Computing”. As these technologies, reduces the numbers of physical servers, and running multiple virtual servers in lesser amount of machines, hence reduced the wastage of electricity to power up physical servers that aren’t fully utilize its processing capability.

So, now the question.
Why is “Green Computing” so important?
The simple answer is,
“To be more environmental friendly and reduce pollution caused by diesel/coal power plants. At the same time, reduce the wastage of electricity that have generated by these power plants, as well as those from nuclear power plants and hydro power plants. Also, if less servers are used, means less minerals are wasted to produce too many machines.”

Still don’t understand what does this mean? Then it means all those campaigns to promote recycle or earth day has failed to convey their message to you.
Go ask anyone who knows about “Stop Pollution” or “Don’t waste electric”. They might be able to explain to you.

By the way, my company Knetwork Tech Solution is promoting “Green Computing” also.
I provide solution to reduce hardware cost and electricity cost for running a data center, as well as on-premise IT infrastructure.
Other than just promoting “Green Computing”, I also took the initiative to promote the “Green Computing” idea to my clients to help them saving cost of operation, at the same time, contribute to reduce pollution to the environment.

If you know any company want to save money, let them know I can help them on that, at the same time, without using much electricity also.