Alternative energy is the type of energy that comes from sources that makes use of renewable resources like water, wind, and sun. For your science fair project that involve alternative energy, you can study how wind mills work; determine what factors affect the storage and production of energy in solar cells; make a steam-powered boat; and, experiment with water to generate energy.

Working on science fair projects about alternative energy is not only interesting; they are also helpful in letting you and your spectators understand the importance of energy conservation as well as finding way and means to making use of other energy sources that are good for the environment. Here are some simple yet interesting science fair projects on alternative energy you can consider:

Study how wind mills work

Alternative energy science fair projects for kids need to be fun and simple. If it is too complicated, kids might not be able to understand the whole project itself, and might fail on accomplishing the project. A great example of an alternative energy project that is more enjoyable and simple is studying how wind mills work. This project would include defining what a wind mill is, as well as specifying other information about wind mill fabrication and utilization. You need to identify the materials needed to make one, describe the location where these wind mills can be most suitably located, and all the other factors that affect energy production. For your display, you can make an attractive wind mill replica.

Determine what factors affect the storage and production of energy in solar cells

This project involves the studying of factors that affect the amount of energy stored in solar cells as well as the conditions that affect energy production. You will be observing and experimenting different factors, such as temperature, sunlight exposure duration, and wind, among others. You should be able to conclude in the end which determinants affect energy storage and production of energy and solar cells and how they affect both processes.

Make a steam-powered boat

This would make a very interesting alternative energy science project, especially for a boy. This involves making a boat model that will be powered by steam. In this project you need to illustrate how steam will be produced and how it will give power to the boat to make it move across the water.

Experiment with water to generate energy

Water is a great alternative energy source that is being used in many places to produce electricity. In this project, you can make a water turbine model and illustrate how water can generate energy using water that runs through it. You can identify the factors that affect the energy produced by water turbines. For example, you can study the effect of the speed at which the water flows on it, affecting turbine speed.

Your project need not be very complicated. However, to impress judges, you must choose one that is unique and useful in today