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Earth hour

I believe a lot of fucktards turned off their lights for 1 hour from 8.30pm to 9.30pm for the earth hour.
These people, who turned off the lights, and say it will help saving the earth, actually do not know much about building a greener earth.

Don’t agree? Then tell me, how turning off the lights for just 1 hour throughout whole year can contribute anything to make the earth greener? Most people is just doing it just for the sake of following the hype without knowing the real messages behind this earth hour campaign. Some of them are worse, they think that it is just about turning off the lights, while their air conditioner, TV, computers are still on and still sucking the electric, and they think that just turning of the lights is actually contributing to the effort of saving the earth.

In fact, if everyone turn off the electric at the same time for 1 hour, and then all turn back on the powers, at almost the same time, more pollution will be caused. Please be noted that there are a lot of power stations, are using diesel, gas and coal generators to generate powers. Doing this, will only result in an increase in carbon emissions due to complications related to rapidly lowering then raising electricity generation. The fuel that are used in these power stations will be going to used more when everyone suddenly turn on back the electricity. And due to this, much much more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide will be emitted compare to usual days.

What worse, during this 1 hour, a lot people will going to light up candles when the lights are off. And do you realize that candles are petroleum based? Do you realize that when you light up a candle, it did produce carbons and emitted to the atmosphere? If every one person who off the lights and light up a candle, it means there will more much much more carbon dioxide are released to the atmosphere, and this will actually contributing to making the greenhouse effect and also contributing to the global warning. Hence, celebrating the earth hour without much knowledge on how to create a greener earth, is actually hurting the earth more!