Christmas Wishlist

It’s Christmas Again!
I believe most people do have their own Christmas wishlist.

Well, just a note to everyone. Christmas it not exactly a religion festival that can only celebrated by Christian only. In fact, it is a festival that encourage people to care about people around them, and also to learn to share the love with people around. And the easiest way to do so, is by giving a gift that they wish to have the most. This can actually show that you care and you know what they like the most.
But of course lar, if your sister wish to have her ex-bf to get kill, you don’t so sohai go and kill her ex-bf lar.

Nowadays, everyone also busy work to support their life (yeah lah, Barang Naik so much nowadays). Therefore, the simplest way to show the love, is by getting the gift that their love ones wish to have the most, provided it is within the budget, coz now toll also raise price already mah.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk so much crap already.
I straight go to the point, my wishlist for this Christmas!

1. inWatch One

Well, this is different than the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This watch itself is the phone. Mean you can just bring this watch and a bluetooth headset, and you are ready to receive and make phone calls!
This smart watch even come with an induction charger, means you do not need to plugin a cable to charge it!
Damn cool ler!

* General network: GSM (bulit-in SIM slot), WiFi, BT, GPS
* Dimension: 55*40*13.5mm/2.17*1.57*0.35inches
* Weight: 250g
* SIM card: support
* Screen: 1.54′ OLED touch screen,240x240px
* Android 4.1
* ROM: 4GB
* Working Memory: 512MB
* Camera: 2MP
* Browsing time: up to 3h
* Standby time: up to 120h
* CPU: 1.0GHz Dual-Core inDroid
* 3-axis G-sensor
* 3-axis Magnetic sensor
* Gyroscope sensor
* BT 3.0
* Intelligent voice control
* BT earphone
* Wireless charging
* Cloud control
* Battery: 500mAh

Well, as some of you know, I do like China gadgets. This smart watch is actually a China phone.
There are 1 model which is 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. But I just want this 1, already more than enough already!

2. Samsung Galaxy Trend II Duos
Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos
I always like to use dual SIM phones. Currently I have 2 dual SIM phones, 1 is a China Android phone running GingerBread 2.3.7, with only 600Mhz CPU single core and 512MB RAM. Another 1 is my work phone, which is a junk Ninetology Palatte i5300, which often give me fucking much problems!

The China Dual SIM phone is actually 1 of the item in my wishlist, although it doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard. Read post:

I wish to have this phone in order to replace my stupid work phone that always causing me unable to receive calls, hang while in the tele-conversation, hang until reboot while I read email etc. Well, it even so amazing that even I just open the SMS, it can hang! Although I have rooted it to disable most of those bloatwares that come with the phone!

Anyway, I am not going to write about this phone’s specs, as this is not a product review, and the info can be found in GSM Arena. Just search on the Google and you will get tons of info about this phone.

And don’t suggest me about Galaxy Grand, it is too big, and my MTK dual SIM phone is 5.3″. I just want a smaller screen dual SIM phone.

3. Proton Persona SV, Proton Exora, Perodua Myvi SE, Perodua Alza

Both of my cars are giving me a lot problem recently, it is time for me to change a new car.
Although my dream car will always be Lamborghini Murciélago and Enzo Ferrari, but then again, who the fuck will drive these cars to work and stuck in jam everyday lar? I am just a system engineer, not Uncle Lim who work in Genting Highlands anyway.

Myself, I am currently considering of purchasing either 1 of these 4 cars. But then again, if someone give it to me as Christmas present, I will just say “Thank You” and grab the key straight.

Again, as mentioned above, this is not a product review, so just search in Google yourself about the specs of these 4 cars. Just a note, the Persona SV is still not officially release yet, but it is just the same old Persona with some enhancement, so nothing much difference you can see anyway.

Seems like this post is quite long….
Anyway, my wishlist is still very long. Maybe I will be posting it as another post after this.
If you intend to get me present(which I wish it will happen), but with limited budget, perhaps the next post is what you want to read.
Just a note, the item #3 is what I wish the most at the moment.