Happy Winter Soltice

Just wánted to wish everyone Happy Winter Soltice. Yeah, there are nothing inside the bowl. All already inside my stomach. Anyway, I am not paid for do review for them, so why should I post up their product? Right? Since Read More

My Christmas Wishlist

It’s Christmas Again! I believe most people do have their own Christmas wishlist. Well, just a note to everyone. Christmas it not exactly a religion festival that can only celebrated by Christian only. In fact, it is a festival that Read More

Christmas Techno For 15 Minutes

Just found another very interesting Christmas song medley. Christmas Techno, to be exact.

Great Experience in Banghuris Homestay, Sepang

    After attending the press conference in Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort, us media were brought to Banghuris Homestay, Sepang. We were welcomed by a bunch of kompang players who played the traditional welcoming music with the kompangs.     Read More

Wanna Be Tourism Volunteer? Join Me in Voluntourism Program

Have you heard of ‘voluntourism’? Well, literally, it is derived from the English word ‘Volunteer’ and ‘Tourism’ and as the word suggest, it is a combination of volunteering and tourism that enable tourists and travelers to volunteer for a good Read More