Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone.
Enjoy this meaningful day and be merry.

Since now is Christmas Eve, I know a lot of young people will have party.
And as expected there will be a lot of virgins(male and female) plan to give away his/her first time to their other half.

Whatever it is, remember. Safety first. Use the treasure below to as your helmet.

condom cartoon

Bring along this Poketmon in your pocket just in case you need it.

condom cartoon

To guys.
To make sure that you will have supply when you need it, consider to give these as your Christmas present to your girl friend. You can use them in case of emergency.

To girls.
It is very normal that a guys is careless and always forget something important like this.
So you should be prepared too.
I have a very fashionable way for you to overcome any accident that might happen in your Christmas Eve party. In case of emergency, pull out 1 piece of the dress and use it for accident prevention.

If you are going to formal Christmas Eve party, here is what you should wear.

If you are going to a pool side party, then wear these as your bikini.

If you both like to go disco and will celebrate your Christmas Eve at disco or some casual party, here is some perfect outfit for you.

If you suspect that your boy friend is going to propose to you at Christmas Eve, wear this.
You both might be not patient to wait until finish plan for the wedding ceremony and wedding dinner. So you both might want to go straight for the final part of the wedding procedure.
Therefore, straight wear this wedding gown and pretend that you both at the wedding night.
Remember, pull out one piece of it! Or else you might not have enough time to send invitation cards and this will be the only wedding gown you ever wear before you step into the bridal shop.

Here is the most romantic and beautiful outfit of today’s article, the wedding gown.

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