When talked about Ricoh Aficio printers, what will you think?
Yes, as an IT guy who constantly mingle around with office use multipurpose printer, I am very familiar with Ricoh Aficio series of multipurpose printer, and hence, automatically, this is what comes out in my mind.
Ricoh Aficio Multipurpose Printer.
But after I read the brochures of the new Ricoh Aficio SP100 e Series printers, I found that, Ricoh do have some affordable models which is suitable for student and home, as well as for small office use.
SP100e Series
Here are the product’s specification:
SP100e Specs
The price of these 3 printers are as below:
1. Aficio SP 100 e: RM 299
2. Aficio SP 100SU e: RM 499
3 Aficio SP 100SF e: RM 669

For me, who I personally do not need fax features at home, I will going to choose the Aficio SP 100SF e, as it does have the scanning features, which I need regularly. And since it is a laser printer, it is even better for me, as previously I am using all-in-one printers that is using ink instead of toner. Since this printer’s toner can sustain approximately 500 pages of printing, well, perhaps it is time I move on with this printer, as I do like Ricoh’s products all the while.
More Details:

Well, since this 3 models of printer are quite new in the market, free gifts are expected.
And Ricoh are now rewarding their customers with some exclusive rewards as below:
Exclusive Rewards
More Details:

And if you are a student, you may try out these 3 models of printers when Ricoh come to your university or college during their “Ricoh Campus Tour”. You may check out the schedule as below and see if you have missed it already or not. Try to take advantage of this tour to print your assignments!
Campus Tour
For any further details about the “Exclusive Rewards” or the “Ricoh Campus Tour”, head over to to find out more.

And if you are same like me, like freebies a lot and do not have the budget to buy any of these printer yet, perhaps you can take a look at Ricoh’s daily giveaways. I know, students do have very very tight budget whenever they need to buy anything, as I used to be a student before.
Not sure there are new giveaways or not now, since the dates in the picture already over, but well, worth to give a try. So try to head over to Ricoh’s Facebook page at and take a look.
Daily Giveaways

Anyway, to avoid missed out any promo from Ricoh, or follow up with their products updates, go to their Facebook page at and “Like” them, so that you will be notified about their latest updates.