Young freshmen who are still a growing young adult usually have a bigger appetite than usual. So, when the residence’s hall is closed during late night or you’re chilling at your friend’s house in Affinity at Serangoon, there are always other food places you can head for your supper with your college mates. For all of you night owls out there to study, there are some days you will feel hungry during the middle of the night. Here are some of the compiled list you will find it useful to get around and about to fix your hunger.

Nanyang Technology University (NTU)
S11 Eating House Beside Nanyang Community Club
With a 10-minutes’ walk from the entrance of NTU, this 24-hour coffee shop next to the Nanyang Community Club that sells an array of local food. Oyster omelette (orh jian), fishball noodles, and friend carrot cake are the highly popular items priced affordable for students.

Price range: $3 to $7 per person

Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak
This popular nasi lemak located at the hawker centre near Blocks 221A/Boon Lay Place. This stall opens till 3:30am every day has been featured in numerous food blogs for their fragrant rice and crispy tender chicken wings. Each nasi lemak set costs only $3.50 and you can choose between chicken, fish fillet or otah (marinated fish/prawn paste). It only takes 10 minutes drive from the entrance of NTU.

Price range: $3.50 onwards

2211 Mookata in the Jurong West
It is located at Jurong West Street 91, 2211 Mookata’s opening hours is from 5pm to 3am daily. The place is well-ventilated and it is suitable for big groups of students after studying or CCA sessions. A large variety of meats, seafood and vegetables are easily available from only $1.90 per place, affordable for the students.

Price: About $10 per person

Coffee shop right next to Pioneer MRT
Coffee shop that is located at Block 651 Jurong West Street 63. To get there from NTU takes 8 minutes by drive or 20 minutes by foot. The chicken rice, variable dim sum and appetizing mixed vegetable rice are all popular options among residents who are residing nearby. However, the most favoured stall (with long queues) would be the economic bee hoon stall, also known by the locals as “Ah Lian Bee Hoon”. Apart from the fried bee hoon, the stall also sells an assortment of sides which range from friend chicken wings to stir-fried beans.

Price: $2 onwards

National University of Singapore (NUS)

Al Amaan Restaurant
This particular restaurant is located along Clementi Road and Eusof Hall, it has an extensive menu that is serving up all types of cuisines like Indian, Western and Thai cuisines. This restaurant’s opening hours are from 11am to 3pm daily. Popular food items like butter chicken masala, naan bread and the avocado milkshake. They are all priced reasonably from $3. Besides, they offer delivery service for orders above $10, so you can combine your orders with other hungry friends.

Price: $4 onwards per person

Super Snacks
SuperSnacks is located within Prince George Residences and is opened till 1am, everyday. This popular stall sells everything from waffles to salads, finger foods to local fried rice. If you are looking for light food, Super Snacks is the place to go in getting your cravings fixed.

Price: Approx. $2 to $4 per person

Singapore University Of Technology and Design (SUTD)

Fengshan Food Centre Bedok
It is also known as Bedok 85 where the stalls in this hawker centre close as late as 3am. Food like the minced meat noodles, pork porridge, sambal (local chilli paste) stingray and satay bee hoon are popular amongst the residents around Bedok.

Price: $3 onwards

89.7FM Supper Club
It is located at Changi Village Road which specialises in local street food. The kampong fried rice and pan-fried carrot cake are worth dying for. The western food is also highly rated among residents living around that area. You can try the beef burger at $8 and if you are feeling rich, go for the bullet steak which cost around $13. The best part is this restaurant is open for 24 hours.

Price: $1.50 onwards for dimsum and $4.50 onwards for mains.