Food for The Health Conscious in O Brien’s

Have you heard of O’ Brien’s Irish Sandwich and Coffee before? I have heard about it before…in fact, my wife is a huge fan of this sandwich outlet, and every now and then, she will frequent the outlet to get Read More

Ricoh Printers Are For Students Too, You Know!?

When talked about Ricoh Aficio printers, what will you think? Yes, as an IT guy who constantly mingle around with office use multipurpose printer, I am very familiar with Ricoh Aficio series of multipurpose printer, and hence, automatically, this is Read More

Re-Create Your Image With Bkay Nair

How many of you would agree with me that first impression is important? I’m not sure if you’d agree with me on this statement, but I come to realize that a good first impression is essential if you want to Read More

Ramadan Buffet At Frontera Sol Of Mexico!

Who says foods for Buka Puasa in Malaysia is only normal Malaysian foods only!? Now I say you can eat something else for Buka Puasa! Not only Malay foods restaurant offer Ramadan buffet only, Frontera Sol Of Mexico, a Mexican Read More

The Dark Knight Rises with P1 MiFi

[tube]p7hN1hXOCwo[/tube] Are you excited for The Dark Knight Rises? There’s so much excitement abuzz about it and I was given an opportunity to watch the premier ofThe Dark Knight Rises yesterday, courtesy of P1 Wimax and Denaihati. (Movie review will Read More