How many of you would agree with me that first impression is important? I’m not sure if you’d agree with me on this statement, but I come to realize that a good first impression is essential if you want to do well in the business world.

As someone who is involved in IT line, I never did care so much about people’s impression on me. I don’t care how I look like, how I speak, and what people think of me as long as I could deliver when it comes to serving my clients. As far as I’m concerned, it’s my skills that is valuable, not how I dress up and communicate with people. But the public thinks otherwise. If I don’t dress up well, communicate well, behave well, they will doubt my skills as my appearance is not really convincing and does not reflect any professionalism.

But it has come to my attention lately that I’ve been in my comfort zone way too much. I’ve been mixing up with the folks in IT line too much, and consequently, I’m as socially challenged as they are.

Most IT folks are geeky in nature. If you’re not in IT line and have encountered a few, you’d come to realize that most of them are socially challenged and is not very good at making good impression in public and most seems to live in their own world. They are not good at small talks, speaks in their own techie language and the list goes on.

I want to stop all that. I want to step out of my comfort zone and mix around with people from all sort of industry, and make money from all sort of people. The world is so big. Why should I just stick to one type of community? That’s plain bullshit. Those who sticks only to one trade, and merely mingle with one particular community in particular are not exactly wise, in my humble opinion, as you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities.

All these while I’ve been mixing around and sticking around with the same kind of people… and in the end, what do I get in return? Nothing much, apart from backstabbing here and there, being sabotaged here and there when things gets tough in the IT industry.

Anyway, enough of all that ranting. It will go on and on if I were to write and elaborate about it. Bottomline is, I want to stop being in my comfort zone and start succeeding in both business and social relationships. Working behind the scene was fine, but not anymore. I want to be someone recognized and respected in the society.

I don’t know who can help in grooming a pleasant image for the new me so that I can make better impression on people, but I realized that there’s plenty of image image consulting company that will be pleased to help people like me.

Last week, was invited to attend the soft launching of Bkay Nair Resources (BNR) in Temptation Kitchen& Bar, Changkat, Kuala Lumpur.

Bkay Nair Resources (BNR) is founded by this young lady. Now, doesn’t she look familiar to you? She’s Bkay Nair. A familiar face in the local entertainment industry. She was Miss India Tourism 2007/2008 and Miss Malaysia India Global 2008/2009. Bkay has done over four films including Ratu The Movie, Raya Tak Jadi, Bujang Terlajak, and Ngorat in the past few years. Bkay has also played key roles in various TV series such as Dewa Cinta, Gerak Khas, Musim Kirana, and Suara Banduan

She founded Bkay Nair Resources in hopes to help people make good impression and be a better version of themselves.

Bkay Nair Resources’ services includes hosting image consulting seminars, workshops, special programs, individual services, and private consulting, all relating to the physical, social, psychological, and aesthetic aspects of personal appearance and self-presentation in all ways of life. They also work with individuals, businesses, industries, universities, schools, government, and organisations, customizing programs and services to deliver extraordinary results that meet and exceed expectations.

During the soft launch of the company Bkay Nair Resources showcased their comprehensive image consulting company which aims to help their clients recreate themselves by discovering their hidden personalities and talents within.

There was a grooming/make up demo during the launch…

And a mini fashion show by Nila Palacious, who showcased her Latin fashion. Pic: Nila Palacious is the second from the left.

A group photo of Bkay and the guests during the launching.

The smiling, happy faces who were behind Bkay Nair Resources soft launching.

If you want to step up, stand out in the crowd and re-invent yourself but not quite sure where to start, you might want to look them up. They can help you.

Here’s their contact information, in case you want check them out:

Bkay Nair Resources
23A-12A, Rhythm Avenue,
USJ 19,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0162329365/ 0127731502

You may also check Bkay’s blog HERE for more updates.