As promised in my last article, I am writing this article now about safety precautions that you should pay attention to to prevent too much difficulties if your house is zapped by fire.

I know, many of you are living in apartments or condominium. There is a few things that you should always aware of. First, make sure you get to know most of the neighbors around you, including those who living at other floor or other blocks. When anything happen, they usually will be the first one who help you. Of course, some of them might be same like my neighbor who live next door to me, a fucking selfish ass holes. But if you know more people in your living place, there will be more chance that you will know those who willing to help you when you in need. And you should do the same to them as well, when they in need, help them. Or else you will be labeled as a fucking pukimak and no one will help you. This is why always have an advertisement and tell people to get to know their neighbors.

Secondly, you should always attend those resident community meeting in your apartment/condo. It is very important since it will be the easiest way to know most of your neighbor and also you will get up to date information about your apartment/condo. No matter how busy are you, try to attend once a while. Although you might see a lot of busy body housewives there, but that will be a good thing also, coz they will have some information that even the resident committee don’t have, of course those gossips can also be consider as bonus information. So far, I see those who didn’t attend this kind of meeting at all, is those ham kar ling that only care about them self and refuse to contribute to the community. The resident community acts the same like