Don’t worry, there will be nothing in this article that scolding anyone like the rest of the Merdeka articles of mine.
This article will just be about my thoughts and opinion regarding the celebration of 31st August and 16th September.

16th September is Malaysia day. Our prime minister Y.A.B Najib Razak had announced last year that this day will be public holiday start from year 2010 and will be celebrating as another Merdeka day.

To be honest, I don’t think 16th September is appropriate to be officially know as Hari Malaysia in this country.
Below will be the reasons why I think this way.

I personally, think that 31st August should be officially only known as Hari Merdeka/Hari Kemerdekaan(Independence Day) and 16th September to be officially know as Hari Kebangsaan(National Day). You might think that, “What stupid thing you are talking about? aren’t these two words are the same meaning!?” Here is my answer to you. No, the words Hari Merdeka and Hari Kebangsaan carries different meaning.

According to the history, we get our independence from the British officially at 31st August 1957. That is the day Malaya is formed. But please be noted that this day is the forming day of Malaya, not Malaysia. But still, it is a very important day as it is the day where we gain our freedom from colonization. Our land was freed from the British colony at this day. So it is a very important day, hence celebrating this date is essential.

Our country today, Malaysia, was not formed until 16th September 1963. Our country, Malaysia was formed by combining Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore at this date. Although the original plan was to scheduled the official formation at the 6th Merdeka celebration, but due to some issues where there is objection from Indonesia and Philippine regarding the formation of Malaysia(Please refer to Wikipedia).

When all the issues that caused by Indonesia and Philippine was solved, Malaysia was officially formed at 16th September 1963. Therefore, the real age of Malaysia is only 47 years old, not 54 years old, since our country now is Malaysia, not Malaya. Although later on, Singapore was left at 1965, Malaysia was not dissolved and reform. So still, officially our country, Malaysia is still a legitimate nation.

Since the word “Hari Kebangsaan” is carrying the meaning “National Day”, so 16th September should be officially known as “Hari Kebangsaan” as this is the real date of the forming of our current nation.
And in another case, the word “Hari Merdeka” carries the meaning “Independence Day”, so 31st August is very obvious to be officially known as “Hari Merdeka” since it is the date our lands retain independence from the British.

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