Though not all women are the same, a wife usually wants her husband to be a good listener. She also wants regular reminders that she is loved and wanted, craves understanding, needs to feel appreciated, wants you to fulfill your share of responsibility with regards to your kids, needs you to take her out a date every now and then, and longs for occasional alone time.

When it comes to saving your marriage and keeping your relationship healthy, both you and your wife should do your part. Marriage is a give-and-take relationship and it is important that you are able to address her needs and her wants as much as you can to make her happy. Here are the things that a wife usually wants from her husband:

A good listener

Wives usually want their husbands to be good listeners. Aside from your wife’s friends, she needs someone to talk to about the things that go on in her life, at work or at home, with your kids, and her worries or concerns and achievements. Actively listen and pay attention so she knows you are with her every step of the way no matter what.

A reminder that she is loved and wanted

While you may feel like words are not enough to prove your love for your wife, saying sweet little things that remind her she is loved is what she wants. Say “I love you” when you mean it, not only when you are leaving for work, when going to bed, or after a phone conversation. Say it whenever you think it surprises her. Do not forget to admire her when she deserves it, especially when she looks great with her dress, when she looks nice with her new haircut, or just the way she is. Simple words of appreciation can make her really happy.


Although understanding is more of a need than a want to get through relationships, women want to be understood more than you think. Women can get really difficult to deal with at times, and when that happens, all she wants from you is to understand why she acts the way she does. She wants you to forgive her for being complicated at times.


In as much as you do, your wife wants to be appreciated with the things she does. She wants to be complimented even with the little things she has accomplished, especially at home. Make her feel delighted for the great dinner she has cooked and for helping your kids get those good grades in school.

Fulfill your share of responsibility with regards to your kids

Kids need attention and discipline from both parents. If in case you are a little too lenient or a bit unconcerned when it comes to rearing your kids, she might want you to be a little bit more responsible. You are a couple, and she wants you to be her partner and discipline the kids when necessary and nurture them through play and quality time. Show her you are as concerned about the kids as she is and that you are doing something to fulfill your responsibility as a father.

A date every now and then

Now that you have a busier job and you have kids around, your time with your wife may not be the same as it was with much less distraction and responsibility. This is one thing she wants more from you now, more than ever. She wants to spend quality time with you. Perhaps a movie date or an occasional night out will make her happy.

Some alone time

It is not that she is tired of having you and your kids around. She just deserves a break from thinking about all the responsibilities at home so she does not get burdened and start feeling depressed . From time to time, she needs her own space and may want to spend it at the salon or spa, go shopping alone, or spend time with her friends.

There may be other things your wife may want from you, but before you can know what they are, talk to her about your relationship and ask if she is happy with her life. This way, you can both learn about each other’s needs and wants so you can both be happy and satisfied with your married life. After all, you both deserve a good life despite the storms that come and go.