As you can see now, the theme of this blog has changed.
I’ve been wanted to change the theme of my blog since long time ago, but was reluctant to do so as I am lazy to customize everything all over again and place banner ads in those places where not much plugins can do.
Another reason why I reluctant to change the theme, is because most new themes are not compatible with a plugin called “fancy excerpt”. And yes, this new theme also not compatible with “fancy excerpt”… duh…

But there are a few important reason why I decided to change the theme today.
The main reason, is because the old theme, does not support nested comments. Previously, the comments are very messy and for each reply, I have to put a @commenter-name in order to show the reply is to who. Also it is had to follow up on which comments is replies to which comments.
Now using this new theme, this issue has been overcome.

The 2nd reason, is because of some part of the old theme, did not pass the “W3C Markup Validation”.
Not only it did not pass, it even have some junk codes showed in modern browsers at plain text and causing the whole blog looks very messy!
Now, with this new theme, the blog looks much cleaner already!

The 3rd reason, duh… Compatibility with plugins!
I used to give up on using a lot of nice plugins just because of the old theme are not compatible with these plugins.
Some plugin even crash with the theme! Weird right?
But now, I think I can start to try those nice plugins without much hesitations already.

And the 4th reason?
Well, you can see this new theme had preserved the old plugin’s colours, which is red and black, right?
To be exact, it looks more red than the previous theme.
Since few more days later is Chinese New Year, so why not change my blog to something more red to celebrate Chinese New Year?

Anyway, currently I just leave this theme for some time, if it works well without crashing with my plugins, then it will going to be the permanent theme of my blog.
Honestly, I am still quite reluctant to change the theme, since I had been using the old theme since year 2007…