I’m not sure how many of you used this software before. But when I was still a Windows user, I used this software a lot, although I was using the free version of this software.

Back then, I used this software a lot of convert my CD audio to MP3 using this software.
Besides using this software for convert CD audio to MP3, I also used this software to change the bitrate of wav files to lower bitrate for some of my projects. And of course, I can convert a high bitrate MP3 to lower bitrate so that I can use it as some website’s background music, or use as ringtones.

This Audio Converter had indeed helped me a lot when I was using Windows last time. The converted audio quality is nice and clear, I do recommend you to give it a try.

While for Mac users, do not worry that you can’t use it. ImTOO also have the Audio Converter for Mac as well. You may follow the link I posted in this article to take a look on this software!