To conceal your audio-video equipment, you can use trompe l’oeil-style artwork to distract viewers, place your AV equipment under a skirted table, or store everything in a closet.

If you have a lot of electronics such as a DVD player, television, gaming consoles and speakers at home then you probably already know how this audio video equipment can easily make a room unsightly. The wiring and cables can become a tangled mess or the equipment simply looks out of place in the room’s décor. Fortunately there are tricks for concealing audio video equipment so that it doesn’t become an eyesore.

Use trompe l’oeil-style artwork to distract viewers

The trompe l’oeil style of artwork is known for deceiving viewers into believing that an image is real. You can use this trick to conceal unsightly electronic devices or at least distract your guests. There are framed trompe l’oeil posters and art pieces available that you can use to decorate the room containing your AV equipment. You can either place the artwork directly in front of the equipment to completely hide it from view or you can hang the art behind your equipment as a background. The distinctive bright and strong imagery can easily shift the viewer’s attention from objects found in the foreground.

Place your AV equipment under a skirted table

This trick is practical if your AV equipment is piled in one area of the room. You can use a skirted table to hide the electronics. Find an end table or rolling table and arrange your AV equipment underneath it. Be sure to find a table skirt that matches the room’s color scheme and style. This should not be difficult as there are many table skirts available in a variety of colors, textures and fabrics. Drape the fabric over the tabletop and pull it down so that it hides all the electronic devices underneath. This trick will not only conceal your AV equipment, but the tabletop will also give you additional space for displaying books or other decorations.

Store everything in a closet

Consider using a closet for storing all of your AV equipment. Find one that is big and sturdy enough to accommodate all the electronics that you want to conceal. Before you place your equipment inside the closet, make sure that it is wiped clean of dust and other residue that may damage your electronics. Another alternative is to roll a dolly inside and stack your electronic equipment on it instead of directly on the closet shelves. This way you can easily roll everything out or roll it all back inside the closet when no longer needed. You can drill holes in the closet for the wires to pass through. If you choose, you can also install additional shelving for storing CDs and smaller gadgets like microphones or you can install lighting so that you can easily operate or handle the components inside. This closet can also serve as the audio video center of your home.

If you properly hide your AV equipment, you no longer have to worry about it ruining the harmony of your room’s décor and design. Just be sure that your method of concealment will not be inconvenient for you.