ImTOO Audio Converter

I’m not sure how many of you used this software before. But when I was still a Windows user, I used this software a lot, although I was using the free version of this software. Back then, I used this Read More

My Blog Aint Dead!

This picture is taken from After one whole year focus on my web hosting business and my other online businesses, I had stopped blog hopping and even reduce my blog updates. Yeah, reduce until this blog seems like no Read More

Nasi Lemak 2.0 Press Conference

I am glad that finally can see this movie go up on cinema without any problems given by the authority.

Lets Join The Dark Side!!!

Lets Join The Dark Side!!! I Know You Couldn’t Resist The Temptation Of The Dark Side!!! See How A Young Jedi Say Fuck Off To Master Windu!!! So Lets Use FreeBSD Instead!!!

MOSC2011 Video Streaming Report

Non-geeks might not know what it is this event. But a lot of geeks who are into Open Source in Malaysia, will probably know what is MOSC2011. To those non-geeks, don’t worry, I will write about what is MOSC2011 in Read More