With Ramadhan approaching, Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad (Dutch Lady Malaysia) and their recently appointed ambassador for Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk, Mia Sara Nasuha, have kicked-off their “Susu dan Sahur” campaign to encourage children to drink milk for ‘Sahur’, a ‘sunnah’ meal during the fasting month, at the launch of Dutch Lady’s Milk Mug Campaign at MegaKidz MidValley Megamall.  L to R - Van Tran (Marketing Manager, Dutch Lady Malaysia) and Anja Henze (Marketing Director, Dutch Lady Malaysia) at the launch of Milk Mug with Mia Sara

In a public demonstration of faith to inspire and motivate children nationwide, Mia made the pledge to fast 30 days this Ramadhan. She also encouraged all other Muslim children to fast along with her as their efforts during Ramadhan will benefit the community through Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk’s pledge of donating a glass of milk to selected homes with each day that a child fasts.

Mia and children of Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih enjoying their milk in the newly launched Milk Mug

Mia made the pledge with 20 other children, between the age of 4 and 10, from Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih. Located in Rawang, Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih is one of the beneficiary homes for the “Susu dan Sahur” campaign.

Mia and children of Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih with the Susu dan Sahur calendar together with Dutch Lady team

To participate in the “Susu dan Sahur” campaign, the public can pick-up the “Susu dan Sahur” calendar which will be available for free at selected retailers from 1 July onwards. The calendar will feature tips and inspiring quotes from Mia Sara to encourage the young ones to fast this Ramadhan. Tick on the boxes in the calendar for each day a child fasts, and send the entries back to Dutch Lady Malaysia by 17th August, 2013. Besides, helping underprivileged children, 5 lucky winners will also stand a chance to celebrate post Hari Raya with Mia Sara.


Mia presenting the Susu dan Sahur calendar  to Rumah Amal Siraman Kasih

Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk also coincides the start of the “Susu dan Sahur” campaign with the launch of their new Milk Mug. Available to all consumers starting from 1 July to 31 August, the Dutch Lady Milk Mug is a nationwide promotion.


The Milk Mug was introduced to make it fun for children to drink and enjoy their milk. “At Dutch Lady, we wanted to make it fun and exciting for kids to drink growing up milk so we’ve developed these exciting series of Milk Mugs which are catered to the different age groups to encourage kids to drink more milk,” said Ms Henze.


The Dutch Lady Milk Mug is available with every purchase of Dutch Lady 123 Growing-Up Milk; Dutch Lady 456 Growing-Up Milk; or Dutch Lady 6+ Growing-Up Milk promotional packs which contains two (1kg) packets of Dutch Lady Growing-Up Milk.


The Milk Mug comes in five different designs, The Bee (yellow), The Elephant (purple) and The Crab (red) for children aged between 1 and 3, and a sporty design with strap that comes in blue (for boy) and pink colour (for girl), for children aged 4 onwards.


In conjunction with the Dutch Lady Milk Mug launch, the brand also introduced an online Facebook game called ‘Moo-It, Moo-It’, which went live on June 15 to enable participants to use the five Milk Mug characters for a chance to win prizes worth up to RM6,000.


For more information on the “Susu dan Sahur” Campaign, Dutch Lady Milk Mug and the ‘Moo-It, Moo-It’ Facebook game, log on to www.smartmoments.com, or www.facebook.com/DutchLady.SmartMoments.