With only 3 easy steps, you can easily set up an online silent auction that can assist you raise more funds. Start by signing up at online auction sites, then create conditions and terms for the buyers, and record your goods at the auction site.

One of the most feasible and great ways to raise funds or generate income online is to consider online silent auction ideas. You should come up with online silent auction ideas which are useful for you or your organization, and also your customers, in order to assist you to enhance your sales and raise more funds. To help you make a silent auction on the web, here are several very easy ways you may follow:

Begin by registering at online auction web sites

You can find many sites where you could list your items for silent auction. There are some internet sites that don’t need registration charges, so maybe you can try out different websites for different products and see which web site works well with your interests. Listed below are some of the internet sites you might like to try:

* EBay. EBay might not be the most cost-effective auction internet site you may join, but it’s probably the largest one and will get your merchandise in front of a greater audience. Costs you should pay for this site include a listing payment, and also final value price. Signing up is free.

* Overstock. Like EBay, Overstock.com waives its subscription payment, but you pay for itemizing your items and you also pay a final value payment.

* EBid. Ebid.net is yet another auction web site you can register with for free. Listing is also free of charge. The only price they collect from you is three percent of the final cost of an item sold.

* Online Auction. You could also get a membership at onlineauction.com at $8 a month. With this fixed sum, you could list as many items as you want without paying out a final value rate on your goods.

* WeBidz. Finally, you may enroll at Webidz.com for a one-time charge of $5. You also need to pay credit card processing fees and final value costs, depending on the goods you list and sell.

Set conditions and terms for the customers

Before you list your items for public auction at your selected internet site, you need to come up with some conditions and terms for the customers. These include payment terms, shipping details, return policy, as well as other situations you might like to indicate.

* Payment terms. You can provide the winning bidder the option to pay via PayPal, postal money order, or wire transfer.

* Shipping details. Indicate if you could deliver goods locally or internationally, and also when the object will be delivered after payment has been completed and your courier of choice. You might also give the purchaser a selection of shipment, such as overnight transport, typical delivery, and other shipping options with the corresponding number of days it requires for the items to arrive and applicable rates.

* Return guidelines. Returns are quite unusual for charity sales, but to offer your buyers some peace of mind, especially for truly costly products, you could specify your return guidelines. The sum paid by the winning bidder is often paid back once you receive the returned merchandise. The winning buyer also covers the delivery of the item to be returned in most instances.

List your own products at the auction website

Now that you’ve your terms and conditions, you are now ready to list your items at the auction web site. Once you list your items, be sure to include pictures of the products, their specific description, as well as their specific condition. Specify whether the object is brand-new or used and describe its product packaging. Include the agreements you have developed. You can also specify where the proceeds or portion of the profits will go once the products are sold.

When itemizing your objects, another suggestion you can consider is to post not just one photo but several pictures of your products from various angles. Designed for important objects, buyers would like to see your items exactly like you describe them. You could take a photograph of an item in general, then take more photographs that focus on exciting and essential information.

By holding online silent auctions, you can raise more money from the comfort of your house or office. At the same time, you provide an opportunity to even more people to help you in raising funds for different goals.