You can find Florida Gators merchandise in Miami by doing the following: check out sports shops in Miami that specialize in college team merchandise, shop at retail stores, search at eBay, and lastly, log in to sports forums.

As you go around Miami, you will find that most sports shops and retail stores offer only Miami University Red Hawks merchandise. It will be very difficult for you to look for Florida Gators stuff in Miami, so you better do your shopping on the Internet. Here are some online tips that will help you find that Gator gear you are looking for:

Check out sports shops in Miami that specialize college team merchandise

A lot of sports shops, such as Champ Sports and Sports Authority, have different outlets located in different states, including Miami. Check out these stores on the net and see if they offer Florida Gator clothing. Look especially for those shops that offer NCAA merchandise. Check on possible site-to-store shipping option so you can do your shopping at home and just pick it up at an outlet near you.

Shop at retail stores

Retail stores like Wal-Mart, also offer some college team merchandise, including Florida Gators. You can shop online and avail of free shipping at your desired delivery address for a minimum purchase. If you do not qualify for free shipping, you can also check on their site-to-store shipping, which are usually free of charge for most retail stores. This can help you save shipping fees that will cost you around five dollars.

Search at eBay

EBay offers almost anything and everything you need to buy online. You can shop for a particular Florida Gators merchandise here and join the auction or purchase immediately with