Everyone also write about Merdeka, then oklah, I also write lah.
Everyone so happy about Merdeka, but do these people really remember the meaning of Merdeka or not? Or they just happy because it is a holiday?
I can tell you the answer, they happy and remember 31 August because of it is holiday only, and guess what? They don’t really give a damn about the country independence day. For them, it is a day that they no need to go to work.

Some older people always said a lot young people nowadays do not appreciate this day, and it is true.
Don’t say “ya lor, a lot ppl is like this already now” coz u also one of them! Wat!? Not syok ar!? Come and bite me lar!
Some people said although the country is already independent, but the people’s mind still not yet independent. I am totally agree with this! Don’t say the same fucking things “ya lor”, coz most probably you also one of these people!

Don’t believe what I said? Ok, answer the question below:

    1. When you buy car, you will prefer Toyota Vios or or Proton Persona?
    2. When you buy computer, which processor will you choose? Intel or AMD (which is manufactured in Penang)?
    3. Which food is consider as expensive food in the eyes of an American (who never come to Asia before)? Nasi Lemak or Spaghetti?
    4. Which brand of CD Player do you prefer? Pensonic or Panasonic?
    5. Which shoe you think is higher class? Vinci or local made shoes?
    6. Singaporean more kiasu or Penang kia more kisau?
    7. U.S.A flag easier to draw or Malaysia flag easier to draw?
    8. Proton Saga 1.6 Taxi (New ones) is faster or Toyota Trueno AE86 is faster?
    9. If our country is still ruled by Britain, do you think our economy and development will be a lot faster?
    10. Do you think our country will be better without Kings and only ruled by president like U.S?

By answering all these question honestly, then you can know yourself is really the type of pukimak I mentioned above or not.

Here is my comments about the questions above:
1. If you say Toyota Vios is much more better, then you a sohai! Vios is more expensive than Persona, and quality Persona won’t lose to Vios. Don’t think the name Toyota means the car is import car, it is also assembled in Malaysia and use Malaysia made parts. If you think Malaysian made car not good, then the same goes to Vios, it is made in Malaysia also.

2. You think Intel is god ar? AMD made in Malaysia not good ar? Fuck you lar! AMD very hot and always overheat ar? Fuck you lar! Since AMD Athlon Barton, it started to be not so hot already. Now new AMD processors is cooler than Intel processors. The performance is also higher then Intel processors. You can buy AMD processor with cheaper price in Malaysia, you still dunno how to appreciate ar? You know how expensive is AMD processors in U.S ar? People buy Intel there coz Intel is cheaper. And at there, server with AMD processors is much more expensive than Intel ones, and they label servers that using AMD processors is higher performance servers. You get it with cheaper price at here, appreciate lar!

3. You sure think the answer is spaghetti right? I can tell you, the answer is wrong! Spaghetti is actually Italian’s poor people food. And in U.S, it is hard to get rice and the price is very very expensive. When they eat rice, they only use a bit and put inside their salad. If you cook Nasi lemak for them in U.S there, they will say you are damn fucking rich! This is why when they come to Malaysia, they are so happy when they able to eat Nasi Lemak everyday with cheap price!

4. Panasonic is better than Pensonic ar? Pensonic is mimicking Panasonic name ar? Fuck you lar! Pensonic is an original name lar! It is stand for “Penang Sonic”, you sohai! My friend go to U.K and work there, when he wan to buy CD player, he found that Pensonic and Sony is the same price, the quality damn good some more! People at U.K label Pensonic as a good brand! So start support Malaysian made product lar!

5. Vinci ar? Then you a super tai sohai already! Vinci is actually a Malaysia brand lar! You sure don’t believe this one, but let me tell you. My friend do their account, and the boss said Vinci is a 100% Malaysian made Malaysian brand!!!

6. Why when say kiasu, you straight think of Singaporean? Yourself know the facts lar, Penang kia is more kiasu lar!
I din say all Penang people is kiasu, but what I mean is, those who are kiasu, is actually much more worse than those kiasu Singaporeans. If you have some kiasu Penang kia frens, I’m sure you already know about this. Don’t ask about JB people, those already consider as Singaporean kind, but more worse, so I lazy to talk about them lar, always think of want to become Singapore people.

7. If you feel that it is suffer when you draw Malaysian flag when still in school, I can understand that. You might think that the big star is very hard to draw until all the corners is balance. But use your brain a bit lar! U.S flag is harder than you think! although the stars only have 5 corners, but you need to draw 50 stars, that is consuming much more time! You should thanks to Mr. Mohamed Hamzah designed the flag to only have 1 star, not 14 stars!

8. If is Takumi who drive the Toyota Trueno AE86, then maybe it is will be fast lar, but that car is a very old model car already, Saga 1.6 is surely more powerful lar! Oh yeah, in case you dunno, Malaysia taxi which using the new Proton Saga is actually running on a 1.6 Campro engine. If you use your brain, you will know that new Saga is faster than the old AE86. Don’t be a sohai!

9. Better to let Britain continue to rule ar? Then it will be no more KLCC, no more Sepang airport, no more Proton, no more Petronas, only got BHP, no more Merdeka race for mat rempit, no more F1 at Sepang, no more watching GT girls at Sepang GT race, no more a lot things! The ruling country will just continue take tax from the colony, and they will just let the citizen in the colony to rule them self. See Canada and Australia? They have to settle the country them self, not settle by the British government. Like this it is better if we rule our self, then the tax keep and use our self lar. You might say those ruling politicians is the one who take the moneys, I dunno how true izzit, coz I got no evidence (again, I made assumptions only not pointing fingers to anyone, so dun come and catch me). But at least, even if they really take also, they are still Malaysia, they money is still in RM, not get converted become pound sterling. Our minerals and resources is still belongs to us, and when we give to other country, we sell them, not just give them. If we are only a colony, you dream on lar, they take and will not pay you even 1 sen!

10. No need to say much lar, you see bush ar? That is because he 1 person have all the power, then so many people die lar. Coz no one able to stop him mar! In Malaysia, although the King (this part, i refer to DYMM Agung, not the state Kings) have no power in a lot things, but when comes to politics, when a prime minister (to ISA, i din say which prime minister ar, just an example only ar) gone crazy and do lanciao things like change our country constitution to force guys must wear bra, female must wear male underwear, then the King is the only person who can stop him and sack him from the prime minister position with his absolute power of selecting prime minister which he think is qualified.

If you are wrong in more than 5 question, then it shows that you do not have the independent people mind, so its time for you to change!

We should proud of our own products, even if it is not so good, we still have to support them and be proud of them.
If we don’t do that, who should do that? We are Malaysian, so do what a Malaysian should do! Even European people also say our cars is good, why can’t we even show some support to our local made cars? If none of the Malaysian support our own stuff, how can we improve more? If you think that our own made products are not good, you are a Malaysian, then you should do something to make it better! Don’t just think of use what you have study in university or college just to do things for foreign products, use the knowledge to improve our own products as well. Malaysia products need Malaysian to improve it! Even if use other country’s technology, we should still adapt it and improve it on our own products to make it better! Stop complaining and start to contribute!

This is the reason why I involve in open source software community, it is to learn from other people, and build and improve our own, to make something which is built by Malaysians. Also to spread and share the knowledge that Malaysia usually refuse to learn so that Malaysian IT knowledge can improve! Start to learn and contribute! Start to learn use Linux, it is free and it is open source, you can modify and improve it then use it in your company! Stop using pirated Windows installer if you are not paying for it! This is called use other people’s things without pay, and it is stealing! Change your fucking mindset! don’t keep on things that is cheap or free is rubbish, these cheap and free things sometimes is 10x more better than the expensive ones! Start learn about something new and stop think that what you have studied is enough! This is the pathetic reason why our country can’t develop fast, it is all because of fuckers like you!

If all the fuckers don’t change their mindset, the word Merdeka will not mean anything, it is just mean Britain abandoned a colony, not mean this land is an independent land. If everyone change their mindset and work hard to develop and improve our own things such as products, economy and politics, then only we can say we are an Independent Country. If all the race, no matter Malays, Chinsese, Indian or others, unite and don’t hate and discriminate each other, then only we can call our self as Malaysian. or else, Merdeka, 1 Malaysia, Bangsa Malaysia will not mean anything at all. And remember, when someone ask you “you bangsa ape?”, remember to answer “Bangsa Malaysia”, coz he/she is asking you “Bangsa” not “Kaum”. Or else, the word “Antarabangsa” will not be qualified to be use with the meaning “International”.