iTalk RSS

Most of you who are reading this, should already know what is RSS stands for.
It is known as “Really Simple Syndication”. Usually people just prefer to known it is RSS or feeds.
As you can see in the picture, the icon of RSS is the tiny orange button. Usually you can read feed of those websites which have RSS feeds available by just clicking the icon. But by clicking the icon, you can just reading it while you visit the URL of the feeds.

There is in fact, a lot of feed reader software available for download so that you can read those feeds that you add into the softwares. There is also some other websites which is offering such services for you to subscribe to those feeds you like. Same goes to iTalk Whoa!

In iTalk Whoa! you may also add the URL of the feeds that you want to subscribe for reading the latest updates of the websites you wanted to subscribe. So whats the advantage of using iTalk Whoa! to subscribe feeds?
Very simple, it does save you time for reading several websites feeds that you wanted to read daily. What best is, you do not need to register an account in other 3rd party websites which providing such service and you can reading your emails, send SMS and also reading the feeds all in the same place. In this case, in iTalk Whoa!

With iTalk Whoa! you no longer need to bookmark the feeds in your web browser and do not know whether there is any updates of the feeds or not. iTalk Whoa! feeds reader will show you the latest updates of the feeds, hence you will not missed out any updates information which as published out in the websites you subscribed.

Here is the step of how you add a feeds into your iTalk Whoa! account.
First, select the “RSS Feeds” at the navigation area at the left. Then, create a “New Group”. It can be anything you like, for example you may create a “Blogs” category or “News” category.
After that, select the new group that you have created and give a name to the feeds that you wanted to subscribe, and then add the URL of the feeds then click the “New Feeds” button.
Thats all.

If you don’t know how to get the feeds URL, here is how you get it.
Usually, you will see icons such as below at websites.

Just point your mouse cursor to the icon, then right click.
When the menu shows up, just click “Copy Link Location” in Firefox or something similar to it in other web browsers.
When you at the iTalk Whoa! page, just right click and click the “Paste” option, then you are done.

Anyway, not all websites have RSS feeds, but near to 80% websites nowadays do have it.
Since it is a very convenient way to read websites updated contents, why not using it if it is available, right?
Good luck on trying this feature.