the previous host is down and i am now using a new hosting to host this blog now.
from what i heard from the hosting service owner, the datacenter people pissed off with him and removed his VPS once the VPS reach its final validity day.

luckily i have a backup of this blog. but unluckily, i have lost 2 article (Install Fluxbox in Ubuntu & Linux Can Fly) due to i didn’t backup the database in time before the server went offline.

so now i am going to use a php script for auto backup and email the database to my email daily just in case this hosting is down in the future.

the php script i am talking about is called phpmybackup.
i found this script when i was looking for a solution for some webhosting forum members due to they said they have lost their database when their server hard disk crash.

the installation of this script is very simple,
1. make a directory “phpmybackup” in your home directory
2. upload all the files to that directory.
3. edit its config.php and fill up the MySQL database server hostname, you mysql login name and your mysql password.
4. change the files permission (chmod) according to the README text file (it is come with the script). you can do this via ur ftp client program.
5. go to the directory via the web browser. (if you domain name is stupidman.com, then go to http://stupidman.com/phpmybackup)
6. login into the phpmybackup using ur database username and password.
7. ok, now u have logged in, just follow the instruction in the webpage and setup your email address and target database table and the frequency of doing auto backup.
8. it will then show you the code where u need to copy and paste at ur website/blog, just copy that and paste it under the footer of your website for it to load everytime your website/blog is visit by someone. when it detect that the date & time that it should do the backup, it will run the database backup and email the database to your email.

note: you must make sure that your hosting have php_mail enabled in order to use this script.