Rabbit Year

As you all know, this blog has been inactive for around 1 month due to I was having to much work to do.
A few post which I had promised, I still haven’t write them yet.
But anyway, since tomorrow is Chinese New Year, so I write this post to wish everyone having a Happy Chinese New Year, and wish every one “Dong Dong Chiang!”
See the video at the end of this article to know what is the “Dong Dong Chiang” I mean.

This year economy like shit.
Not really like shit anyway, just the “some people” say so as the reason for increase tax for everything anyway.
Celebrating Chinese New Year at this year is damn though. I’m sure you already realize this when you go and buy clothes, foods, drinks and everything. Even chicken also damn expensive this year!
And WTF!? Cotton also raise price and all the clothes also had raise price!!??
So far I only see this country’s cotton raise price lar!

And now new notes is not printed this year!?
WTF!? Then how to go bank and change RM1 notes to prepare ang pao?
Don’t tell me paper also raise price lar!

And this one is something new.
Some of you might receive the greetings via SMS. But before people are shouting around saying their Internet traffic was monitored, those greetings were sent to email, although you never subscribed to “that” website.
Yeah, your Internet privacy was invaded in order to send you a CNY greeting!
Hmm… Does this mean by sniffing people’s Internet traffic, intercept people’s email in order to get people’s email address to send a festive greeting is not a crime in this country? If so, then I also started to do like that feller already.

By the way, a lot of people are doing something weird every year’s Chinese New Year. Yeah, I’ve seen a lot every year! What I am talking about is not those things that everyone do every year like collect ang pao, give ang pao, visit relatives or anything every Chinese have to do. I am talking about something weird and fun/crazy!
If you have no idea what to do for this Chinese New Year of Rabbit year, here is some suggestion on what you can do this year!