As you can read in my older articles, you will know how I pissed off with P1 Wimax’s quality and their customer service.

I used to very hate Streamyx, their customer service attitude and they way they do work. They were damn fucking slow in processing something simple. But nowadays, their quality improve a lot. Their Internet speed is still the same, but I can say it is far more stable and faster than P1 Wimax.

Streamyx’s customer service attitude now has changed a lot which makes me quite amazed coz they are the one who caused me having heart attack. Last time, when I called to their customer service, those bitches will only repeat the same thing and telling me to “turn off modem, plug out the phone line and connect the modem to the phone line without the splitter” or “click Windows start button, click run, type cmd and do a ipconfig /flushdns“.

Dammit! Those bitch don’t even ask me whats going on yet, and when I told them I am using Linux, there is no such thing as flush DNS, they just tell me, just follow what they said while “ipconfig /flushdns” is only exist is low grade operating system like Windows only!!! And while I told them myself is a system/network engineer and I know what I am doing, they can just ignore it and ask you to do something stupid like “ipconfig /flushdns” while the main reason I called is because of packets drop etc.

But recently when I called them, voices of those bitches are no longer there. They were replaced by a group of guys who are very polite and well trained. They will ask you what is actually happening and they did give better answer compare to those bitches who work in the customer service center.

Of course, they also had me if I had tried flushdns as their standard procedure. But at least they didn’t just ask you to do it without even knowing what happened to your line at all. And amazingly, when I told these new customer service operator that I am using Linux, they do know what it is already, unlike those bitches last time. They are patiently listen and ask me the result of my test then file a report.

Last time, it took them ages to process just a simple complaint. Even simple things like asking them to check my port why does it having so much packet drop, it took them 6 months to process it.
Now, they processed it in just within 3 -5 working days.

Recently I just applied Streamyx Combo 1mbps for my 2nd phone line as I need to have more speed to do my work. Guess what? it just took them 2 days to process everything and opened the port.

As some of you know, myself is a Streamyx agent as well. I submitted my application at 4th December, so the application is forwarded to TM Net at 4th December at around 4.30pm. TM Net processed it at 5th December at around 10.45am and emailed me the registration details. My port is then activated at around evening. They are working very fast now.

Compared to last time, the fastest they can process is around 3 working days above. TM Net service is now really improved a lot.

Some people might say, when they apply P1 Wimax, it just took them 2 hours to activate the account only. Yes, it is true that they activate your account very fast, coz everything is automated by the server. It involve very less human work. And after 7 trial period, your speed will become damn fucking slow and their customer service is much more worse than TM Net. So, which one you think is better now? TM Net Streamyx or P1 Wimax?

Some people might say, why TM Net don’t do like P1 Wimax, everything automated by the server. I can say, it is impossible. Streamyx is a ADSL line which it need cable, a wired line. So it need human to actually do the jumpering to enable and connect your phone line to the network device. So it will still have to depends on human to do it. While Wimax, it is just a wireless technology, no cable involve at all, so automation for account activation is very simple.

No matter what, Wimax is still a wireless connection afterall, so you should not expect that you will get stable connection from Wimax. Plus now those pigs and cows and chicken who work as customer service, I can tell you that you will not happy to use P1 Wimax. They make promise, but they never do it. They promised you that they will call you back regarding your issue, but they will never call back.

Anyway, I have to thanks to P1 Wimax for becoming a competitor of TM Net. Because of P1, TM Net has improved so much and providing good quality service. Thank to P1, now I can really enjoy the great service I get from TM Net.

So, conclusion….
See the picture below.


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