AVG Business Edition 9.0 has officially released at 27th October 2009, but it is only available on AVG website at 27th October 2009. It has been long waited since the release of AVG Home Editions 9.0 has been released at 5th October 2009. The free edition is released at 15th October 2009.

A lot of people might be wondering, why do I promote AVG instead of other Antivirus?
The reason is very simple. Its speed and its low RAM consumption. And also its accuracy on detecting viruses.

I’ve been used a lot of antivirus software before, although I am now using Ubuntu Linux, but I have to always test softwares for Windows in order to recommend the best solutions to my clients.

Here I will just highlight some important features and comparison, since I have some feedback about people is lazy to read long review articles.

I will just mention about Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and AVG, due to there is too much antivirus software on the market nowadays.

Norton and McAfee is famous for good virus detection since 1998. McAfee is the first one that able to detetc CIH virus, followed by Norton. They have always the best in detecting new viruses. By from day by day, their scanning engine had become more and more heavier, hence they take a lots of your computer resources such as RAM. Example, Norton 2008 will lock 30% of them RAM just to exclusive for its own virus scanning engine to use. Although Symantec claimed that their Norton 2009 is now using much more less resources, which it is quite true, but its price is still quite expensive for their Internet Security version. Same goes with McAfee.

For Kaspersky, it used to be a very good antivirus software. Undeniable, it is still quite good. They do improved a lot, but Kaspersky has become quite bloated and using so much RAM for its real time scan and causing lag to the computer. Its resource consumption was longer as light as previous editions anymore.

Another thing that caused me to no recommend Kaspersky to my clients is its false alarm problem. When you have extreme large traffic between 2 compute or to your server, it will accidentally detect that as malware activity and block the remote IP such as the server that u have extreme large traffic to. This has causing so much problem to system admins as well as IT service provider as the client thought it is the network problem and blame it to the technician. The technician sometimes have to disable the firewall features of the Kaspersky Internet Security to make sure that the false alarm will not be trigger again.

In other hand, AVG is better in this. AVG Internet Security will warning the user and ask if it is a permitted activity before it block the server/computer IP before it block it.

AVG has been always famous for its low resource consumption. Plus now the AVG 9, it is even lower consumption as the scanning speed of AVG 9 is about 50% faster than AVG 8.5 without take more RAM than the previous version.

A lot people had used the free version of AVG and say it is not good. The are saying that it can detect the virus, but it do not remove the virus. That is true, coz if it detected those viruses that is in the new virus definition list, it will request you to buy the paid version in order to remove the virus immediately. Or else, wait for 1 more week, then only the virus will be able to remove.

Anyway, AVG is doing business, so if you are not willing to pay, it is still worth to pay. So it is not AVG is not good, is they want you to use the paid version. So the paid version is actually good, don’t say AVG is not good just because it ask you to buy the paid version.

On the price wise, it is cheaper than the other antivirus that I had listed at above. This is the reason why I am willing to become their reseller and sell it to my clients. The other words, it gives better solution to my clients and my clients will give me less problem.

You may also purchase AVG from me. I will add a shopping cart for home use edition for you to purchase. If you wanted to buy business use editions, please directly email me at [email protected].

Each license you buy is valid for 1 PC only. If you have more than 1 PC, please buy according to the number of the PC you have.

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