Why Windows 7 Not Worth The Money

At first, I wouldn’t want to release this article. But after I see there is so many people who over fancy about Windows 7 and willing to pretend not seeing its disadvantage but continue on bashing Linux, so I have Read More

Malaysia Day – Holiday

Actually Malaysia day suppose to be declare as holiday since long time ago! But dunno why, the government only started to declare Malaysia Day as holiday recently. Malaysia Day is the real day that our country, Malaysia is formed, not Read More

Happy Deepavali

Tomorrow is another festival of one of our race. Yes, its Deepavali of your Indian comrades. And it is another public holiday!!! To be honest, the Indian community the one of the race where they still have very strong spirit Read More

Site Will Down For Migration

This site will down a few hours in order to migrate to a new server. This site’s hits has increase a lot recently, and the web hosting is not enough to support this much of visit. Therefore, I had decided Read More