There is a reader “Son Goku” asked me in someone blog’s comment page, about how to install Ubuntu.

So now I write this tutorial steps for him and also those who are still new into the Linux world.

Please note that this tutorial is just teaching you how to install Ubuntu under Windows to run natively. Not install to any partition.

For new users, I suggest that you download the Ubuntu Linux cd via here for a 32 bit version and here if your have a 64 bit PC such as AMD Athlon X2 or Intel Core2Duo or above and run it as live cd to play around with it before you install it.

It is necessary to test and see if you like it or not before you waste your time for installing it.

Ok, now you had downloaded the cd images file, what you need to do now is to burn it into the cd-r.
Just simply run your Nero Burning Rom (Not Nero Express!), click “File” then click “Open” then select the cd image file you downloaded just now, and then click burn.
For those who only have Nero Express, you are also able to burn cd images. Just select “Disc Image or Saved Project”, then click “Open” to select the cd image, then burn it like what you usually did.
Please remember to burn it with 32x or 16x coz burning with speed will have better successful rate and will not waste your cd-r.

Ok, now you have completed burn the cd and you have an Ubuntu Live CD now, you should run it as live cd to play with it first before you really install it to your PC.
Of course, since it is running from the CD and threat it like a hard disk, you should expect the speed is quite slow. It will be very fast if it is installed into the hard disk. But before that, play with it first.

For running it as a live cd(means no need to install and run it directly from the cd-rom as hard disk), you need to make sure that your PC bios has set to boot from cd-rom at the 1st priority.
Then, just put the cd into the cd-rom and restart your PC. It will take some time to load, so just wait.
When it is completely loaded just start play with it.
By the way, make sure your PC have 512MB memory to run the cd as live cd! Or else, it will be very lag!(If Windows loaded as live cd….. more slow, hahahaha)

Let’s get the party begin!
Ok, here comes to the interesting part.
Since you are still new into the Linux world, I will teach you how to install Linux under Windows using WUBI, a software for make your Linux run in a virtual hard disk to run natively.

Now, load the Ubuntu cd into your cd-rom, there will be something popup after the cd is loaded like the one at below.

Ok, select the hard disk partition where you want your virtual hard disk image to be located. If you don’t have other partition, just leave it as “C:” at the “Installation Drive”.

For the “Installation Size”, it means how much space you want your virtual hard disk to be. You can any size you like as long as it is more than 5GB, coz you might need to install some software in it later on. But make sure your hard disk do have more than 10GB space!

While for the “Desktop Environment” just leave it as “Ubuntu” since the link I provided at above is a Gnome version of Ubuntu, not KDE version.

For the “Language” leave it as “English”, better not change to any other language.

Now, the most important part,
the “Username” and “Password”
This username and password will be use for login into to the Ubuntu Linux when you run it later. Make sure you remember it properly!
Like they way you register in some websites like Google or something, just fill it up with the username you want and insert your preferred password twice into the password field.

Now, just click install and let it run. There might be some option asking you to fill up something, if this shown, just select the options you want.

After it shows that it is completed, just restart your PC.

When your computer is restarted, you will see this screen.
Windows Boot Screen
Press the down arrow key on your keyboard and enter.
You will see that screens like below is running.
Wubi install 1
Wubi Install Screen 2

Just leave it run, you no need to do anything now.
When it has finished setup, it will restart and go back to the Windows Boot Screen again, now select “Ubuntu” again and run your Ubuntu desktop for the first time!

GDM Login
Now, you will see this after it finish loads, just fill in with the username you put just now, hit enter, then fill it up with password and hit enter again.

Ok, now you are logged in to your Ubuntu desktop and you are able to use it at full speed of your PC now!

If you are done using the desktop, just click the red power button at the top right of your screen, you will see a popup dialog to ask you if you wanted to restart the PC or wanted to shutdown the PC.
Logging Out Ubuntu

If you wanted to load Windows, just select “Windows xxx xxxx Edition” at the boot screen when you start your PC, then you will be running in Windows again!

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