Pizza Award

What is Pizza Award?

Pizza Award is an award given to those bloggers who I like to read their articles.
Those who received this award is those bloggers who really have quality in terms of contents or their behavior, not because they are “popular”.

Some people might ask “Hey? Why you din give this award to Kenny Sia or Nicole Tan?”
And the answer is already written on above, it is only given to those bloggers that I like and they have quality in terms of contents or their behavior. So Kenny Sia and Nicole Tan this kind of people do not deserve this award.

You (those ass holes supporters) might say “Hey, its not a big deal that you doesn’t give this crappy award to Kenny Sia!!!”.
Yeah, it might be crappy for you, so what? I made this award, I have the rights to decide who deserve the award, so to those who criticize, just go back to the ass hole blog you always hang around at and blab your shit over there! Don’t shit over here!

The list of those who get the award and those who are not deserve to get the award can be view at the Pizza Award page.