The article I write today is nothing new, in fact, most of you has even read in newspaper and read in other blogs before.
I am also feel funny after I read the news, so this is my version of the news.

I am so amazed by the news when I read that Shah Rukh Khan is awarded a Datuk. Hahahaha
He is not even a Malaysian and he don’t even have contribution to Malaysia at all, how do he deserve a Datukship?
If in India, yes, he do deserve a lot for an award since he have lots of contribution to their entertainment industry, probably in charity as well. But i don’t see he have any contribution to Malaysia before, how the hell this DMSM is awarded to him?

As I know, only a Malaysia citizen are eligible for this award and use the Datuk title. But are Shah Rukh Khan a Malaysian? I dun remember I read any new about he migrated to Malaysia. Or izzit the Yang Di-Pertua Negri Melaka thought Shah Alam is founded by Shah Rukh Khan, thats why thought that he is a Malaysian? I’m not so sure about that, hope the media will ask the Yang Di-Pertua about this, lol.

When I read the news about this, the song “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” keep on appearing on my mind, lol.

About Datuk Siti Nurhalizah, I am also wondering what is her contribution to Malaysian society, if say is contribution to Malaysia entertainment industry, then ok lah. If it is just because he married a Datuk, then don’t really agree about this.
Or maybe izzit because want Datuk K to feel irritated for f*cking another Datuk? You know what I mean lar. Datuk+Datuk on the bed, just like dick f*ck dick. Hahahaha (Note: This paragraph will only be online for a few days only to avoid I get sue.)

Recently, there is a few person getting their Datukship where I think they do not really deserve for some reason.
But still, they do have some certain contribution, but not much.

1. Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
He just get his Datukship when he win a silver medal in Olympic. Thats the only official silver medal we have. But still, try as hard as possible to get a medal is an athlete’s responsibility, why should he deserve the Datukship? If a person who do his own responsibility, then I think I do deserve a Datukship as well. I am doing my role as my own company’s director and I am doing my best to make sure the company expend. I am doing my best as a father (but I do not hope my son makes me a Datuk too soon). I am also doing my best as a Malaysian for buying Malaysian made products (coz the price is cheaper, hahaha), and I also support Malaysian made cars – Proton. Then where is my Datukship?

2. Nicole Davids.
The queen of squash who had once the world champion. Why she deserve it? Ok lah, she is a Malaysian, but still her responsibility is the same as Lee Chong Wei, an athlete who should do their best. But why also give her Datukship?

Anyway, both of them at above is also Malaysian, so nothing much I can comment about. They still quite deserve it since they bring prides to our country as a Malaysian. And they show the “Malaysia Boleh” spirit of the Bolehland.

Ok, now, Shah Rukh Khan.
He is holding MyCard ar? Then what is his MyCard number?
He know how to sing “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” in BM ar?
Or izzit his real name is Shah Rukh A/L Khan which the name format only use in Malaysia?
If everyone who family name is Khan should get Datukship, then go to Mongolia and find Kengis Khan descendant and give them Datukship lar.

At last, I would like to share the song that keep on appearing on my mind after read the news.
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
The link will leads you to Youtube.

And by the way, when the song reach the chorus part, sing it with the lyrics at below.

I am a Datuk! I am a Datuk!
Even if I do not have
A Malaysia I/C

I am a Datuk! I am a Datuk!
Even though I do not know, what is “Negaraku”

The MTV idea is inspired from Cleffairy’s article about the belly dance which is also about this topic.