Merdeka? This year should called “Mereka Cerita”

Today is the big day of Malaysia, a lot of bloggers is writing something for celebrating Merdeka, and others, they might be sleeping at home since it is hard to get holiday to rest at home. Although I am not Read More

Vista Listed in Cnet “Top ten terrible tech products”

The information was obtained from It was so funny when I read that short article. Here is the original top ten list article from Cnet: Windows Vista Any operating system that provokes a campaign for its predecessor’s reintroduction deserves Read More

Windows XP Comes With Trojan Horse By Default!

You don’t believe what I’ve said? Read the news article at below, and you will know that I am telling the truth! Blackouts

Windows svchost.exe is stupid!

Those who managed Windows Server 2003 servers before, I’m sure you always seen errors that related with svchost.exe. Even those home users who just using Windows XP are also seen errors that related with svchost.exe. What is svchost.exe? This is Read More

10 Reasons Why Ubuntu Linux(Desktop) Better than Windows Vista

VS Most probably you have read this 10 points from another blog. Yes, these points are referred from other Ubuntu supporter’s blogs. Lots of people may have a misconception that Linux is hard to use, but is that true? I Read More