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Ubuntu-My Has Been Officially Become Ubuntu Loco Community

at 24-7-2008

This is a good news for all those Ubuntu Linux users in Malaysia, especially those who are contributed a lot of time in this community.

The new domain name ubuntu-ms.org is prepared by Canonical (The Ubuntu Project Sponsor), but we are requesting for ubuntu-my.org as Malaysia domains should be in .my extension.

There is also another issue now where there is an admin from the Ubuntu community (i think the Ubuntu Forum admin) saying that we are not authorized to use the domain we are currently using (ubuntu.com.my) as it violates the Ubuntu trademark bla bla bla….. He said that we have to get written permission from Canonical in order to use that domain name.

But since we had become official Loco community now, it shouldn’t be any problem for use to get the written permission to use that domain name as our second domain which it is also pointed to the ubuntu-my.org hosting server.

For those who do not know what is Ubuntu Linux, it is an operating system where it is just like the Windows you are currently using now. Just that it is opensource (source code is open for public for download and modify it) and it is free! No need to pay for the software license!

The reason why it is free is because it is a software where a lot of programmers is doing it and built it up. Opensource softwares is all free and anyone are welcome to modify the codes and contribute back to enhance it. Other word to say, it is knowledge that is shared among humanity where it will also brings benefit to everyone to use it for free!

By the way, you might think that since it is free, it might be not stable right?

This is what usually Malaysian and Singaporean think….

But I can say that it is very very stable,

Why? coz it is developed by a lot of programmers and the bugs is fixed by a lot of people, so the error that it may have is less and it is quickly debug when any error is found. Linux was originally meant to be used on servers. So I don’t see why an operating system that is used by almost 80% of the hosting company is not stable. Of course, in this 80%, is also included BSD where it is also same type as Linux.

If you think that big companies like google or yahoo is using Microsoft server, then you are wrong!

Only msn.com is running on Microsoft Windows Server (of course lar, you make the operating system and you are using other ppl’s one, who will still buy your product?)

Want prove that show google is running Linux?
here you are!