This website will be put offline for about 12 hours for migration start at 12.00am 27th October 2010.

The downtime is planned due to I am going to migrate this website to my 2nd private server which is located at another datacenter(Kansas City) with higher server specs.

Anyway, there will be another planned downtime at mid of November 2010 for another migration. So this means the server that will host this website for these 2 weeks time is only temporary only.

At mid of November 2010, this website will be migrated to another datacenter(San Jose/Silicon Valley) again which have the same server spec, but with higher speed Internet peers. It is necessary to migrate to the San Jose/Silicon Valley datacenter due to this datacenter have a direct peer to Asia.
Since most of the traffic to this website is from Asia, it is best to host in this datacenter.

After the 2nd migration, you will notice that the loading speed of this website will be much more faster if you are in Asia.

If you are wondering, Silicon Valley…
Yes, my new private server will be located at the same datacenter with 1 of the Facebook’s datacenter.
So yeah, Facebook will be my neighbor!
And yeah, Google also have datacenter in San Jose/Silicon Valley.
Google will also be my neighbor!

The new server in San Jose/Silicon Valley will still be labeled as “Server 1” and the server at Kansas will still be labeled as “Server 2” since “Server 1” will be hosting most of my important websites.