Something Missing
If you visit this blog often enough, you will realize that something is missing in this blog.
Yes, it is the ads banner at the bottom of every posts. It is now been removed, due to too many complains where some of the flash ads banner are redirecting visitors if this blog to some malware infected sites.
Anyway, since I can’t earn that much from those ads banners, I had removed them for good.
Without these ads banners, I believe that you do realize the loading speed of this site has been greatly improved.

At the same time, I had also upgraded the MySQL Database to the newer version during my last OS upgrade on this server. I had change the MySQL to use MyISAM as my storage engine instead of InnoDB, where it is now uses less memory of the server and showed that the database query speed has greatly improved.

Previously, I was using php-fastcgi to serve my PHP files to my web server. Although it does increase the speed of PHP processing, but it tends to crash from time to time, when it reaches certain number of child threads opened. It shouldn’t crash for this reason, but it happened.
So now I had replaced it with php-fpm, where it serve the same purpose and it also manages cgi request as well, just like what php-fastcgi did. So far, it proved to be more reliable than php-fastcgi.