Steve Jobs Is Suffering From Pancreatic Cancer

Steve Jobs 1984

Full Name: Steve Paul Jobs
Date of Birth: 24th Feb 1955
Place of Birth: San Francisco
Founded Apple At 1976

Steve Jobs iPhone 4

As you all have known, Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple.
But he will stay on as the Chairman of Apple’s Board of Directors.
Tim Cook had been selected as his successor by himself.

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OpenSSH 5.4 released

This post is intended for those who are using Linux/BSD/Unix servers and those who did use Linux/BSD/Unix to read.
Normal computer users will not know what it is.

So if you never use any Linux/BSD/Unix before, don’t even bother to continue read, coz you won’t understand this post and you won’t know what it this thing, unless you are interested with what it running inside your router or managed network devices in your office.

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