DMCA to protect your website’s contents

So, how do you get the DMCA logo?
It is very simple, almost as easy as how you get a “Creative Commons” logo to put in your website.

Just go to to register yourself an account. After registered and logged in, go to the “My Protected Pages => Add protected Page” and fill up your website’s URL.

Then, it will redirect you to a page where there is a lot of DMCA logos you can choose for place it in your website. Once you placed that logo in your website, every pages that is loaded with that logo, will be added into their database and they will be legally protected.

Make sure your logo is visible every page when browse around your website. Pages which do not have the logo displayed, will not be protected. So it is advisable to add the logo as a globally loaded widget in your website.

There is another service DMCA offered which you might be interested.
Watermarking images that uploaded to the Internet is not something new. A lot of website owners did that to protect their pictures ownership. DMCA also offer such service where you can watermark your pictures and also place the DMCA seal as the watermark to ensure that no one are able to steal the picture and claim that as theirs.

I am not going to talk more about their watermarking service. If you wanted to know more, go to and take a look your self.

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DMCA to protect your website’s contents by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • MakLaN

    As far as i know Creative Commons does not offer legal service like DMCA right?

    • Correct.
      Creative Commons is only for us to generate the rules of using the website’s contents/pictures only.
      And if not mistaken, they also keep a database on when the code is generated.
      If the contents was stolen by some copycats, it is none of their business, we have to settle ourself.
      This is the reason why I have both Creative Commons and DMCA badge in this website.