After a few of the bloggers has asked me how to put a watermark on
their pictures to protect their rights on the pictures that they have
published, now I had decided to write a simple tutorial on how to do

Method 1: MS Paint
This is the most simple method, which it is only using the Microsoft paint in your Windows(If you are a Windows user).

  1. Open your picture with MS Paint.
  2. Click the “A” icon in the MS Paint, then drag a square box at the area which you wan to put your watermark text.
  3. Now you will see there is a popup appear with the name “Fonts“. Now type in your website address,  then select the font type and select the font size that you want.
  4. Drag across the text you typed just now and select the color that you want you watermark text to be.
  5. Click at the right bottom of the square box you dragged just now and resize
    it until it just enough to fit the text you typed, then click at the
    top line to the square box and drag it to the exact position you want
    it to be.
  6. After finished steps at above, just click any icon in the left tool bars, and “Save As” the picture that you edited.
  7. Do not click “Save” as this will overwrite the original picture.

This method is the most simple ones, but it will not looks nice.

Method 2: PicMarkr
This method is very convenient, but there is file size limit. You cannot upload big size images to edit it.
With this method, you can edit up to 5 images at once as long as total of the images size is not exceed 25Mb.

  1. Go to
  2. Drag down to the middle of the page, you will see the section which written “Step 1: Upload images“.
  3. Click “Browse” and select up to 5 pictures you want to put watermark.
  4. At the “Optional
    area, select “500 pixels”. Since you will going to use the pictures for
    the blog, it is better to change the size of the picture to be able to
    fit properly into your blog.
  5. Then click the blue color button at below which written “Ok! Go to Step2“.
  6. Now you have reach the 2nd page. Make your the radio button “” is selected.
  7. Fill up your website address at “Text to display” text area.
  8. Leave it as “Black text on white, 40% opacity“. Do not change it as it is already the best setting.
  9. At the “Watermark align“, select the last icon which it is indicating as right bottom of the picture.
  10. Now just click the blue color “Continue” button.
  11. Now you are at the third page of PicMarkr, click the green color “Download images to computer” button.
  12. Right click those links that appear after you click the button above, and select “Save Link As…” to download the picture to your computer. You make to right click each of the links to download them 1 by 1.
  13. Now, the process is complete and you are having a nicely built watermark picture to use.

Method 3: Photo Bucket
This will be the most convenient method as you may upload you pictures to the photo hosting and edit them at the same place. But in other way, it might no so convenient as you have to edit the pictures 1 by 1 separately.

  1. 1st, login to your photobucket account(register an account if you do not have 1), and upload your pictures after you created an album in photobucket. I assume that you already how to do this as most bloggers do use photobucket for hosting their photos.
  2. After uploaded all the pictures, now you have to edit them 1 by 1.
  3. At the picture that you want to add a watermark, click its “edit” link and wait for the page to finish load.
  4. Now the page with a Flash program is loaded, click the “Decorate” tab, then click the “Text” button which have the grey color “T“.
  5. Once you clicked it, there will be 2 popups dialog box. 1 is the text box with the title “Enter Text Here” and another one will be the dialog box for the text settings.
  6. Just write you blog address at the text box, then tick the “Transparent” at the “Text Options“.
  7. Select the font you like and the font size you want after untick the “Auto” at the “Text Options“.
  8. Now, you have to have to click and drag the right bottom green color square dot which it is located on the picture’s surface to make it just fit enough for your text.
  9. Click and drag the text box on the surface of you picture to the location that you want to locate your watermark, ie: right bottom of your picture.
  10. Then, click the text color box at “Text Options” if you want to change the watermark text color to the color you desire.
  11. Click “Apply” at “Text Options” if you are satisfied with what you did just now.
  12. Finally, click the blue color “Save a copy” at the bottom center of the page and wait for it to load. Once it is finish loaded, you will be redirected to another page where you can see the edited picture with the image link for you to put into your blog.

Thats all for the Part 1 of the watermark tutorial.
There will be Part 2 and Part 3 coming soon when I have time to write.
Part 2’s tutorial will teach you how to make a tiled transparent watermark on your picture which it is basically very similar with Part 1.
While Part 3’s tutorial will teach you how to make a Part 1 type text watermark with special effect using certain image editing software which may require more time and some skills.

Hope this tutorial article able to help you to protect your rights on the picture that you have taken with your own camera or images that you have designed yourself (by the way, those who know how to design images, won’t need to read this tutorial also know how to put watermark already…).

Now go try it yourself with your pictures.