What Is Creative Commons?

Step 2: Placing the codes in your blog
Here comes the important part, this is where you will learn to put the codes into your blog for people to view and know that your work is copyrighted.

For WordPress Blogs

  1. Login into your WordPress blog admin panel, click Design, then go to Widgets
  2. Now in the list for adding widgets, click the Text widget and drag its placing which you want. For this, I recommend you to put it at the bottom of the side navigation bar.
  3. Click the Edit link of that widget, then fill up the title as “Copyrights” on the titlebar area.
  4. Now, copy and paste the codes that you saved just now into the text area of the widget, then click Change.
  5. Finally, click Save Changes. Now you will able to see the copyright note is appear at your navigation bar.

For Blogspot Blogs

  1. Of course, you have to login to your blogspot account and go to your blog’s control panel.
  2. Click Layout, the click the Page Elements.
  3. In the Page Elements page, you will see a frame which it is mimic you blog’s layout.
  4. Since we are going to locate the copyright note at a visible area, we will add a widget to the side navigation bar.
  5. To do so, just click Add a Gadget at the side navigation bar area. A popup will appear, then you should choose the HTML/JavaScript.
  6. Then it will bring you to the next page of that popup page.
  7. At the title, fill up the text Copyright. Then copy and paste the codes you saved just now into the Content area.
  8. Now, click the Save button.
  9. The widget is not appear in the preview layout of the blog, but it is not don yet.
  10. Drag that widget to the location that you want. For this, I recommend you to put it at the bottom of the side navigation bar.
  11. Finally, click the Save button at the top right of that layout preview frame to save your settings.
  12. Now, you will able to see your copyright note appear at the side navigation bar of your blog.

The code of the copyright note can be edit to make it looks more neat, you may add the align codes into it if you know how to do so. Your rights will still remain even if you edited the alignment of your copyright note. Just in case you screwed up the code, you can always copy and paste back the code that you had saved earlier.

CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 What Is Creative Commons? by Garfield is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

  • MakLaN

    To introduce CC among public, there’s must any printed material that implies the licence(s). Yup, for online publication it’s already commonly used, but does ppl read the legal notice?

  • Usually they won’t read.
    This is why we have something else to remind them to read it.
    Which is DMCA.
    The next article will be about DMCA.

  • by far one of the best explanations I’ve read on this subject of Creative Commons thanks mang

  • @Mr.Butcher*
    thx! but I believe there is far better ones.
    Some of my friends do not understand what is this article all about…