Standing Chicken at LYJ Restaurant

After having heard so much about the famous standing chicken in LYJ Restaurant, I decided to try it out along with some friends. Looks rather unusual, isn’t it? Sharp food scissors were needed to cut the roasted standing chicken into Read More

My Comment Regarding The LinuxVarsiti Project

This post is actually my comment posted in Actually I suppose to publish the article regarding DMCA. But I had decided to postpone it to the next post and publish this comment that I have posted, since I had Read More

What Is Creative Commons?

Actually I’ve written this article long time ago with the title Licensing Your Works But seems like there are still some people do not really understand what is Creative Commons yet, so I will try to write again with more Read More

A Bug Collection DVD Box Set

My son completely loved Max Lucado’s Hemie and friends. Initially I was not sure if he would like it or not, considering that he usually do not fancy stories featuring bugs, but luckily this time the storyline for Hermie and Read More