Press Freedom!? Freedom Of Speech!?

Freedom Of Speech

This articles suppose to be the

  • ericleeh

    freedom of speech? impossible…that will never be achieved..we talk also need to take care of our lampa la…if there is freedom of speech, the ruling body will encountered major problem and politicians will need to hide their asses

  • Garfield

    hahaha, this is y i write this article until become so weird.

    a lot of things is actually had deleted from this article.
    because if I publish those part out, few days later u will see me on the TV already.

    This is our speech freedom

  • ChampDog

    Hahaha… I think freedom of blog is still acceptable? Go ahead to publish it! :)

  • Garfield

    lol, blog freedom is fall into the speech freedom category.
    if we are not allowed to speak it with our mouth, then it means we r not allowed to speak it in our blog also

    see how RPK kena ar?

  • Bananaz?

    Yes you’ve got freedom of speech but NO freedom after speech. ~;) tQ.

  • kelvin

    We have the freedom to speak, other than speaking of the government.

  • Garfield

    This is the reason everytime when I write a bit thing that “They” think sensitive, I have to put a big big “Disclaimer” there to avoid problem


  • Manypeople

    The only way to fix malaysia is voice it from elsewhere. Go Australia or somewhere they gov can’t touch you. and they have no way of shutting down your website.

  • Garfield

    just like RPK?