As you can see, it is already quite some time I didn’t update this blog already.
For those who did follow up the updates in my blog, I am sure that you assume this post is the “Lesson 102”.
I am sorry to tell you this is not.
This post is just to inform you that the “Lesson 102” will be publish to the public in a few more days time.

I would also like to apologize to those who are waiting to the “Lesson 102” article.
I am not able to squeeze out some time to write that articles recently due to I was damn fucking busy with my work. I even have to work more than 12 hours non-stop these few days.
Yeah! I am Uber!!! Lol

Anyway, now I am quite free these few days, so you can expect to see the “Lesson 102” article soon.
Again, sorry for the delays.